Starting a new job tomorrow

So I’ve been really anxious about starting a new job ever since I had a breakdown and quit my last one on the second day. I couldn’t get a hold on my symptoms and my paranoia took over. I’m so worried the same thing is gonna happen at this job but I need the money so I can help my parents pay for things.

Do you guys know any good coping skills to help me push through tomorrow?

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You need to find the best meds possible.


Welcome to the forum @CamDaddy .

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I agree my doc has me on risperidone rn but it doesn’t seem to be doing much

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@Bowens Hello :blush: It’s good to be here

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Just try to endure it. Take it as training to build up your willpower to stay. And if you don’t like it, don’t quit until you have another job lined up.

You can do it :muscle:


Welcome to the forum CamDaddy.

When it gets stressful, at work, I would try and reduce that stress, so that your symptoms don’t increase.

That’s what happen to me.
I would get tired and stressed out and I would get close or have a breakdown.

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I’m unable to work so I don’t have good advice. But I’d like to welcome you to the forum!

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Don’t do it if you think you cant handle it, no point making things worse for yourself,

I’d suggest trying some voluntary work first and then get use to doing something without symptoms, i agree you need to be very stable on meds,

Like i try my best as well, i’ve been trying for a while but although i am mentally stable enough i still find it hard bc of the anxiety i get.

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I’ve been thinking about doing some volunteer work for the job I had before I started having symptoms. I guess if things don’t workout with this job that’d be a good alternative to ease back into working.

Thank you for the advice :wink:

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Welcome to the forum.

I started my new job about 3-4 weeks ago. Prior to that I haven’t had a real job in about 17 years.

The more you think about it the worse the anxiety becomes. If you didn’t have this new job you would feel fine right now so it’s all in your head.

On my first day I just concentrated on the tasks at hand. I didn’t worry about anything else, or what the rest of the day would hold. Just baby steps going from moment to moment.

Don’t get lost in your anxious thoughts.

Edit: So if your doing something and get anxious, just tell yourself, right now I am just photocopying some paper, there is nothing to get anxious about that. Then do the same with the next task… whatever your job entails. Ground yourself in what you are currently doing and don’t get lost in thought about scary thoughts that probably won’t even come true.


just dont think too much, remember that no matter what happens or how stressful it gets u get to go home once your shift is over, you might feel like quitting everyday but if u just push through it a few more hours your done and can do whatever you want until next shift, also dont be too hard on yourself either, they dont expect you to be the best worker in the world or else theyd be paying you top dollar so dont beat yourself up when you make a mistake, that is where i messed myself up when i quit my first job second day


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