New job starts tomorrow

My new job starts tomorrow at 3pm, I don’t get off till 11:30pm. My psychosis gets worse at night so I’m more than a little worried about what it’s going to be like. I want to give a good impression to my new boss and coworkers. I don’t want to come across as “disturbed”. Oh my gosh I’m so anxious


But you don’t have psychosis now on meds, do you?

Yeah actually I still have symptoms the Loxapine has helped but I don’t take it till night cause it makes me sleepy. The Geodon helps some too. I still get major paranoia and voices

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I hope it goes well. Good luck!!!

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Maybe tell your Dr? I don’t have positive symptoms at all since being on 4mg Risperdal but I have severe negative symptoms.

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Good luck!!!


I’m supposed to see her soon. I think we will up my Geodon to the max dose when I see her next. I don’t want to switch APs because of weight gain.


Good luck. I know you will be great. @Hanna_Foxx. :monkey::monkey::monkey:

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Have the best day!
Stay positive
You’ve ‘got this!’

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Hope it all goes well! Good luck

Good luck!! 666/999

good luck with the new job! I hope things go well =)

So far so good at the new job on dinner break right now. I will have little human interaction with this job so that’s nice


I made it though my first day y’all! Not I’m going to crash once the Loxapine and ambien take effect.

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what is the job you doing now?

EVS work for a hospital

ah that’s nice =)

what do you do practically?

It’s just like housekeeping work

ah yea nice =) 151515