Starting a business

i want to go to the bank and ask about starting a business,

i still dont know how exactly it can be done but i reckon if i can prove that there is money to be made then that will convince them.

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I always wanted to be self employed. Do you have an idea or are you trying to think of one?

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A friend of my Grandad would go with his business plans to banks he didn’t want a loan from just to see what questions would come up and what faults they would see before finally going to the bank he wanted the loan from.

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yeah, i’ve been taking in lodgers into my home since august, i only have one bedroom and a lounge and its been pretty good getting a little extra money here and there and because it is irregular earnings my benefit stays the same,

they use the private bedroom and i sometimes interact with them, they are very nice people as well, the website i use is very safe and people need to be verified and most have reviews talking about how nice they are and that makes me feel better.

i am now opening up my whole flat to people since getting a sofa bed,

so i am looking to take it further and get bigger premises nearby with more rooms and more space, my little flat is great but i need more space for my business.

You need a business plan. That’s the only way the bank would even consider it.
They may also look at your previous work experience? I dont know.

Also know starting a business requires a ton of energy and perseverence to get it off the ground

Hope you can do it!


You’re fortunate to be able to put up with other people that way and make it profitable too.

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yes, but there was a time when i was too paranoid and i lacked social skills, meds helped me with that though, my friend who is helping me also has social phobia but she is trying her best to help me out, its a win win for both of us

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i dont think i can do it :confused: i’ve lost confidence in it

on the surface it seems like it might work but it is far too complicated

lots to take in, i would need a lot of help with it, its not easy

a dream maybe, just another dream…

Good luck to you, i always prefer working for others

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You gotta persevere man. Just get started.
I started my company before I got psychosis. I wonder if I would have had the motivation to start one after it happened

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I know a bit about that , basically you need a Business Plan , it’s a formal document that includes projections


i know, thats the complicated bit, idk where to start, i feel like i will be laughed at and i really dont want that.

i dont have much money either lol

Yeah , the business plan ,will let you explore the viability of the business , it is framed in such away , that should give the answers to the type of questions the bank will be asking

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