I've started saving for an attempt to go self employed

It’s going to take me about 3 and a half years to save up the amount I want before I would think about starting. I want to set up a couple of websites which I’ll be paying someone to build for me to sell something I have in mind. Then if that can bring me an income which I don’t see why not as other people are doing it (I don’t expect to make alot from these websites). I then want to sell on ebay. If it fails I’ll fall back on benefits but this could be my chance to buy a house, that’s going to become an issue for me in the future, a place to live, as I currently live with my grandparents.


good for you hopefully it works out for you

If you are in the UK contact the princes trust they give loans for starting business.

Well, it’s good for a person to have goals in life. And sometimes it’s good to aim high. Good luck.

good luck with that @seriouslydisturbed can i ask what you will be selling?

Excellent! Remember, slow and steady gets the job done, but sometimes you can gain ground in a sprint too.