Starting a Business

after years of trying to get a job i am now going to try starting my own business, its dog walking, i just need the insurance and i printed a business card today so hopefully it will work out :slight_smile:


My daughter’s father and I had an interpreting business. We didn’t need insurance. We both spoke fluent Spanish and English

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That sounds cool. Good luck :dog::dog::dog:


if you are good at it, it is a skill :slight_smile:

thanks @GrayBear

I hope you’re successful daydreamer. Good luck!


I see you’re in the UK I know in the US there’s like and other websites where you can like post information about yourself with a picture and what services you offer but I don’t know what you have available to you in the UK

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That’s a great business! Lots of people who work a lot or are infirmed and have a dog would probably jump at the chance of getting their pups out and about! I hope it turns out great!


I started a business once.

I liked the work I was doing, but I neglected the bookkeeping.

Now I will only work for a W-2.

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I hope you do well.

I think It is a good job .
More doable for someone like me too.

I walk my bf dog sometimes but just in the yard for starters till she gets used to it.

I used to walk a neighbors dog when I was in apathy as a child.
I was not paid but I got to hang out with her when I had apathy,depression,loneliness and felt unloved and unwanted but I felt loved by the dog and loved her very much.

I knew people who walked a dog and were paid for it.

If you can find regular clients then that’s great.

Good wishes .


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Good luck with your business venture @Resilient1! Hope you’re very successful!

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We have a lady who comes to our park who does dog walking. She does really well out of it and usually has her own dog and two or three others. Does that a couple of days a week and makes some decent cash!

Good luck with it!

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Good luck @Resilient1! :slight_smile:

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That’s a good bussnis. But does it pays?

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dear DayDreamer, sometimes i flie dip the neighbors dog. and clean and cut its hair. never get payed but in someway i am helping out a friend. do you do anything like this?


Thanks for all the support guys,

I saw my job specialist this morning and we have a plan now, I need a disclosure to prove I can be trusted and also public liability insurance, it costs about £120 a year but I’ll hopefully be making £500 a month which is permitted work and will not affect my benefits,

I’ll be charging £12 per hour and £8 for 30mins and I reckon I’ll only need to walk a couple of dogs a day,

I’ll need to keep a record of income and outgoings for tax purposes although I’ll not be making enough so won’t need to pay tax lol

@DrZen I look after a friend’s dog sometimes but mostly my mum’s dog, it’s very rewarding and I get exercise :slightly_smiling_face:

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You probably could have used professional liability (errors & omissions) insurance for that.


Best of luck to you!

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I got my insurance a lot cheaper than I thought, it was £54 and I don’t need a disclosure done as I already have one, I’ve put my business card on display in the cafe, if I dont get any work I’ll ask the petshop for help lol,

I’m a bit apprehensive as I never did this before but remaining hopeful, it’s a bit scary bc I don’t know what I’ll get, it’s the unknown I worry about but at least I’m covered and I can learn as I go :slight_smile:

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