Anybody ever started a business of their own? What did you learn from it? What held you back?

Had my own business for 25 years now, Covid is the worst thing I have had to deal with, changed the playing field. Would I do it again if I could go back in time ? Probably not


What makes you regret? (if regret is the right word)

Too many up and downs, always chasing the carrot

I see. Do you ever enjoy it though? Does having the right personality help with running or enjoying running one do you think?

I like my work, and the ability to stop if I’m not up to it, It is hard as times change to keep up financially, you get good times when you can catch up to all the bills and repairs, then it goes dry for awhile and they pileup again, it is a endless circle you run around in


Sorry if it’s a personal question, but did you take out a bank loan to start the business?

Not at first , but as it expanded needed equipment to move forward so yes

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My shiit advice would be, start something small you can afford. If it means growing 10 lettuces in your garden a week you can do that. You dont need a loan


It’s not bad advice at all imo @Wallafish. I’m in a position to finance what I want, however I need the support of family members who have the assets that can provide for it.

It’s something I’m going to discuss with my dad and uncle when I graduate. They will likely say get a loan, but I feel if I can convince marketing potential then they may be comfortable supporting me.

You want to start a business right after you graduate?

Why not work for a comnpany for a year or two and start a business on the sideline that you can grow.

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I had a landscaping business in 2008 to 2013

Was pretty cool.

Started up again in 2020 and been kept busy and have freedom to take time if I need to

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Kind of. The idea was originally to go through masters and phd and then start one when I have “credibility”

Your right about working for a company for a little bit, but I wouldn’t want to become stagnant. I’ve working in a company as an accounts assistant and it felt quite demotivating. Idk if I want to put myself through the grind like that again.

Do you have an accountant that helps with the financial side of things? I believe you’re UK based?

Being in debt will make your grind 10 times harder ! Its impossible to become stagnant if you killing your shiit on the sideline!


I never owned a business. I wanted to but never worked out. Some people are crazy smart and have high energy and can do school, work, and start businesses. I was never like that especially after I transfered. I got weak or schizophrenic and just saw everyone fly past me in life. I was never the same. It would be nice to have an electrician company or something, but I’m 31 years old and just starting out in life again. Like how to use tools and stuff that I never picked up. I was hitting the books too hard for years and the past 10 years was just staring at grass trying to figure out what the ■■■■ happened to me and smoking cigs and trying to decipher things like reality and what and what isn’t real…

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31 is still young to be fair. You can still equip yourself to have another go at life. Whatever you chose to do.

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I was president of a business club at community college one time. We sold used textbooks. My biggest mistake was giving responsibility to some knucklehead that I sort of trusted. I was taking calculus during the summer or winter or something and he ruined the club. We made the most money out of all the clubs in a short amount of period. We competed with the bookstore in a way. I have a lot of regrets. It makes me so sad and angry thinking about it. I guess they say it’s ‘delegating’ responsibilities to others, which I tried.

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My sister has a business and I believe it’s smart of her to do the things she do.

I agree that covid has slowed things up and dried money and opportunities up, but if there’s a will there’s a way and there are opportunities that are becoming available and opening up. Get them. My brother and step-father own seperate businesses and it’s definitely ruined the whole industry they’re in but they got small side jobs and some people are still making money while others have given up. My step-dad had a pretty successful business by most standards. Now, he’s 70 and is working a min wage job and hustling on the side to make ends meet. He’s also teaching me things.