Started Caplyta

That’s more than enough for abilify to leave your body, how’s your experience so far with the side effects

The only side effect that I have noticed so far is restless leg. I get it really bad at night, have to walk around for a bit then lay back down.

Were you on depot abilify before,you mean akathisa? The medicine is supposed to have a non existent rate of restlessness due to low D2 occupancy

I wasn’t on depot, I took the pills. It’s not exactly akathisia but I guess it’s similar.

Here is an article on it:,eases%20the%20unpleasant%20feeling%20temporarily.


Thanks for upadating.

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My weight today is 238 o.O another pound down.

You are losing weight very fast,were you stuck at that weight while on abilify

I was consistently gaining on Abilify. I gained a ton initially, then it kept creeping up slowly.

Must be good to be losing so much weight on the new ap are you on 42 mg as it is the only approved dosage right

Yeah it feels kinda awesome if I’m being honest. I am on 42mg. I really hope it becomes available in your country for you!

It’s only available for usa for now sadly, will take a long time before it comes to singaporw

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Just to update you guys: I am still losing weight, down to 236. Met with the psychiatrist yesterday, things are going well.


Long overdue update for you guys. I am still taking Caplyta.

I definitely feel a wider range of emotions on this med vs Abiliify. Also, I sleep a considerable amount less. My doc and I discontinued the metformin a week or so ago and I’m still losing weight! I’m down to 232 pounds :smiley:


Any sexual side effects from caplyta?

And did you have sexual side effects from Abilify?

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I have a pretty high libido to begin with. I don’t think either of them affected me very much in that regard.