Start to take SEROQUEL

This morning I go to hospital to see my doctor to change my meds. After communicating, I start to take SEROQUEL 100mg one day. It took three hours for my turn to see the doctor.
So what about the SEROQUEL made by AstraZeneca?
My previous meds are counterfeit meds made by Chinese company. I have took it 10+ years.

I had been on Seroquel 100mg for 2 years, but it was in conjunction with Gordon. I relapsed . so I guess either gordon or Seroquel is not a potent med.

My previous meds are also quetiapine, seroquel is quetiapine too, the company may have stolen patents from western companies.
My situation is stable, little delusions, normal moods.
The most important is I can do my job well.

I am sorry, green6. Your current meds does well , right?

Sorry, my question is a entry-level question for meds. I only have took one meds for sz.

Good luck with seroquel moonlee :slight_smile:

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Thanks, minnii. You are always kind hearted.

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Good luck moonlee…

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Thanks, far_cry0. How are you today?

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Fine bro…i take 5mg zyprexa(olanzapine)…so far its doing good…

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Seroquel is very sedating…I was given a bottle of 25mg pills for insomnia…it interacts with Rexuti and causes irregular heartbeat…so it had to go. That, and unless I pull some stupid crap like green tea at 6pm, I sleep pretty easily.

It has a track record for making people flat, but really helping with mania (schizoaffective-bipolar).

Yes, my previous meds are also quetiapine. It let me sleep easily. It did have irregular heartbeat side effect. one day I accidentally took 300mg(twice my normal day), my heart beated very frequently.
I need good sleep, so seroquel is good for me.
I don’t know my current diagnosis. Maybe I have changed to SZA or bipolar.
What do you mean “making people flat”?

Well, it is known for making people not show much expression, emotion, or what is named “affect” in the world of psychology/psychiatry. Flat affect would be like no facial expression, no voice expression, just monotone (voice doesnt show emotion) and often little movement or the arms and hands. It is a little bit of a complex idea, let me know if you still don’t understand and I will try to explain it more clearly.

I am a psych student and we have a whole language that no one understands :smile:

I think I have flat affect. I never expressed my real emotion in real life. It may be living skill.

:grinning: Yeh. No one understands the words on prescription except doctors.

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I’ve been on Seroquel 400 X 2 daily for over ten years. I can’t really tell that I’m taking it, except that I am sure it helps with my psychosis. I’ve gotten different reports from other people, though. They say Seroquel is very sedating and is a drug from hell. That is the two reactions I’ve heard about from this drug - either people can’t really feel it, or it’s very sedating for them and is a drug from hell.

Does 100mg work for you? I was on 600 and didn’t do much.

Are you taking more than one Ap?

I love being sedating. I love sleep than anything.
My first meds is similar with seroquel. my doctor’s advice is to decrease the dose. There are two choices: the old meds or seroquel since they are actually same meds. I chose seroquel.

I think 100mg work for me since 150mg work for me. my situation is good so it is changed to 100mg.
I didn’t take other meds, only one AP.
I must admit that my sz is not severe. I didn’t go to hospital and only take one meds.
For my personal reason, I accepted sz from the day I was diagnosed sz.
I don’t smoke and only drink some beers in summer. I go to bed before 12am most days.
I took meds everyday. There are no more than 10 days without meds during 12 years.
I once went to other city and forgot to take my meds. Three days without meds, the longest time.

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I met a problem. The seroquel don’t have a line in the middle. I need to find a method to split it into two since I only take 100mg.

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