SSRI Good for you or bad

So i am currently taking an antidepressant (CELEXA) for my lowly-noted depression. Then i wanted to know what is the best antidepressant out there and is the one i’m taking ok, or does it have some side effects.

I take Zoloft and its ok for me. I take 25 mg the lowest dose

The only one I’ve tried (also sertraline) made me manic. Other than that it didn’t give me much in the way of side effects

I take Lexapro, it definitely helps my OCD type symptoms but doesn’t do much for my depression. I have a tendency toward difficult to treat depression. The rexulti I take helps with the depression moreso.

I have been taking citalopram for a couple of months… I think that is the same as celaxa but I’m not sure…

I haven’t had the full effects from it though as I haven’t been taking it properly!

Tip: Take your doses properly. Listen to your doctor.

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There is nothing like best anti depressant. Generally the one’s who are well tolerated ,effective and have fewer side effects are considered best. By that standard if we compare SSRI’s probably Flouxetine is the best and most subscribed anti depressant. Paroxetine is also good. It all depends on the doctor who prescribes, based on his clinical experience.

It’s a trial and error to find the best one for you. I took Lexapro but it made me severely apathetic and I gained a lot of weight because I didn’t care. Now I take an snri which I like a lot better. It is called Pristiq.

I take Sertraline, and I love it. The only side effects I’ve noticed is that it makes my eyes dry and makes me thirsty, or keeps me up at night. Doesn’t help with my depression or psychotic symptoms, but it downright cures my severe anxiety. If I miss a dose I have panic attacks for a week.

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I take lexapro as well. Its okay.

Now that I think about it about fifteen years ago I took paxil. I got pretty apathetic then too. I don’t think ssris are right for me personally. I do better on snris. Wellbeing is a dnri. Something for you all to consider

seroxat 40mg…15 years…just found out 90% of serotonin is made in you’re gut

I’m on 20 mg of Celexa daily and it’s a great drug. I’ve been on it ever since my son died and it is great for my depression. I’m not sad or depressed at all now and haven’t been for years and years.

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There’s not really a best AD out there. SSRI’s are supposed to be the weakest type of antidepressant because they have the highest rate of remission compared to the others. However the SSRI I was on, Zoloft, worked remarkably well for me.

My mum takes this. I think it seems to work very well for her. She has been on it years. This year for her has been a very rough year. They increased it s bit (I think) and she is really getting through things.

I’ve never been on it myself but seen it work for a couple of others also.

I take lexapro and it improved my cognitive speed dramatically. for instance i read faster

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Seroxat is great
Duloxetine is good

Paxil made me psychotic. I took it once and haven’t tried another SSRI since. They are not for me.

I’m on a TCA called chlomipramine, I like it more than the SSRI I tried before.

Prozac is probably the overall best antidepressant, it’s been around and tested for a million years. For me escitalopram at 20mg worked best for me. But now nothing is helping me personally, so they’re neutral rn.

Good luck on your search!

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