SSDI benefits are only going up 1.7% this year


I’m assuming everybody knows that each year our monthly benefits are raised by a certain percentage determined by congress each January. But 1.7% is one of the lowest ‘cost of living adjustments’ (or COLA’s) since COLA’s started in the seventies. Which is surprising considering that grocery prices are astronomical, gas prices are high, and rent in most places is sky high. I’ll probably get an increase of about $15.00 a month. Hey, I can always use an extra few bucks and every dollar counts but considering that in 1980 the COLA had been increased 14% I’m a little disappointed for this year.


Well, it’s better than nothing.
Nothing is what we got in 2011 & 2012.
The increase in groceries is so scary, I bought seeds to grow a lot of vegetables in my backyard. The drought stopped last years garden, hope next year There is enough water to have a garden.


When I was working, my yearly raise was around a 1% increase which was about 10¢ per hour. So, where as it’s true that it’s extremely difficult to live on SSDI alone, the COLAs seem to match the entry-level job raises.

Though 1.7% is only like 60¢ extra per day. That’s less than the cost of sponsoring children in Africa. Perhaps we should all band together and make some heartbreaking videos for congress.

When I was renting a few months ago, my rent went up by 10% from $855 to $935 with the same increases expected every year in the future according to the landlord. It is now cheaper to buy than to rent. My mortgage PITI is about $900 a month for a MUCH better place. People say the problem with owning is you have to fix things yourself…well that was what I did before since the landlord wouldn’t do it. FYI, if you have the credit, look into buying your own place, it is so worth it. The best part is, your cost of shelter doesn’t really change.

The current economy is totally the opposite of what I learned in economy class way back in high school. They said that Needs are Cheap and Wants are Expensive. Now it seems a new smartphone that lasts 2 years is cheaper than a couple weeks of groceries. The cost of making dinner at home is actually getting close to the cost of getting a couple McDoubles, a fry, and a soda at McDonalds.


You cracked me up Apokalypz… make heartbreaking videos for congress. teehee.


Same here in Canada. Actually I didn’t get raises of even 1% yearly. Most people don’t. I had to justify ‘why’ for every raise that I asked for which usually included more workload.

Aside from that though I’m sorry to hear that SSDI is only raising 1.7%. For those that count on it…


Not good news, especially since they also cut food cards this part year.
I`m just going to keep my mouth shut :frowning: **


Hey, I’m happy that the federal government gives me a penny let alone my SSDI, Medicare, and Medi-cal. I just have therapists and my family saying they should be giving us more; at least enough SSDI for someone who isn’t working to be able to afford their own apartment, food, utilities, etc. I get it because I’ve payed into it but I am REALLY grateful for my benefits. They just raised my rent to a $100.00 more a month.


**Wow! $100 is a big increase!


Yeah, they base our rent on our income. our rent is 1/3 of our income.


same dysfunctional congress giving all the breaks to the rich and ■■■■ everone else. what a sham, what a shame. and I still stopped smoking cigarettes and weed. win some , lose some. I hope america turns out to vote in 2016 is all I got to say.


I hope they do too @jukebox
Our votes count. Collectively we can help ourselves. I didn’t sleep much last night, so that’s all I’m going to say.


I think that gives my son about $300 a month to live on.
My sis and I help, but now I need a raise!


The perks and benefits of being in congress are ridiculous. Full medical coverage for LIFE for them and their families, they can vote for a raise in pay for themselves virtually any time they want, they retire on something like 2/3 of their pay for the rest of their lives which is like two or three hundred thousand dollars a month (rough numbers). They have their own high end cafeteria where they can eat all meals for free, a pesonal spa they can use anytime, they get government cars to drive around in. The list goes on.


I need a puke bag to go with that @77nick77


Where I live they take my entire check, including any increase, and give me 54.00 dollars a month to live off of. Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, 54.00 a month for any expenses I have. They give me a roof over my head and food in my beĺly, but anything above and beyond that I am responsible for. My smokes, toiletries, clothing, ect. My family DOES NOT help me. It is just the last 2 months my mom and I are speaking and she agreed that for the first few months she would pay my cell phone bill and intelnet fees.


I lived like that for 5 years (1990-1995) except I had a part-time job. And they had a free washer and dryer.


@Kittycat that sounds really rough, I am so sorry to hear you are so broke. I know, I just now got to where I wasn’t broke all the time. I hope you find a way to make more money for yourself somehow. Maybe move out and get an apartment with one of your co live in friends? I would think that would be cheaper.


Thanks for your understanding. I have found a way to make a little more money selling cigarettes, I buy 3 or 4 cartons at a tíme a day sell them and it has become somewhat lucrative because the people here do not want to walk all the to the store. Physically I myself cannot get to the store so I pay someone else a dollar to go for me, and I double my investment. Unfortunately the adminitiator here is trying to put an end to it, she said it is causing problems because the money we get is suppowed to be used for necessities, not cigarettes, I argued that cigarettes are a necessity. Lol.