Spiritual/Religious obsession

When I was unmedicated, I was having religious obsessions/delusions. AA got me started going to church, with their higher power concept. I’ve been going to church and giving them money.

I don’t know if it’s the Abilify kicking in or what, but in the last two weeks I’ve stopped trying to be involved with the church. I’m still going to try and be a good person, but I’m no longer worrying about sining and going to hell.
I’ve talked to my sister and a friend about this and they are glad I’ve changed.


I avoid churches personally.

The whole thing just seems so corrupt to me, but I get some people get a sense of community out of it.

Makes sense.

However, I will not waste my time with religion and church attendance when the very same people have excluded people like me since it existed. Lots of discrimination in those places.

I don’t need the bible to be a good person.


I was raised Catholic and I also had religious obsessions and delusions (still do, sometimes). Personally I find the concept of sin to be rather detrimental to mental health and just in general. And while religion can be helpful, I haven’t heard good things about how AA gets people into it.

I’m glad you’ve realized that you don’t need religion to be happy and a good person, and that you’ve stopped worrying about sin!


Religion is bull. But during my worst episodes I have also been spiritually obsessed.


Ability made me have religious delusions. If you’re giving you money to churches, though, that’s pretty dangerous.


Everytime I get psychosis I start hearing my priest pray and start seeing Jesus flying and get voices telling me to kill myself because I am God. Idk why this happens either its helping or its doing the opposite, no way of verifying that.

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I am very religiously obsessed without an AP. It gets so out of control for me.

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i thought my voices were demons


I the main thing I don’t like about religions is their constant talk about the father or the kingdom.

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Well, you don’t need to partake in a religion to believe in a higher power. I like the idea of a community that have a common belief and support each other, and I respect people who are religious, like I respect anyone else. The most important is to try to be a good person.

I have never felt comfortable going to church. I still believe in a higher power, a god if you will, but I believe on my own terms, I’m in no way obsessed though.

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I have my beliefs but I definitely don’t think faith is a requirement for being a good person. I’m glad you’ve broken out of your delusions and can hopefully lead a happier life now.

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Worrying about sinning and going to hell can wear you down and take you to bad places. I think you’ve made an improvement.

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Yes I do but they get really off track - not normal Christian ideology. I tend to make up my own beliefs intertwined with religious ones and supernatural and alien. A mix of Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and so forth. I’ve studied all the religions. My voices become spirits assisting me or vice versa - malevolent ones and benevolent ones. I find I stop praying and following religion when psychotic and I tend to go back to praying and my religious beliefs become more stable on meds. After my last episode I was left rattled and I had found such clarity in my spirituality not religion that I’m having a hard time finding religion appeasing anymore.


‘I Am Not Obsessed. I Respect The Gifts Given to Me, Spiritually’~ DJ Nosferatu Bat (sleepoptimistic)

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Hi, guys
Religious obsession is a kind of psychological weakness. However, not all people have a strong mind. so, it is rational that some people would believe in religion. That is just my opinions.

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No. You certainly don’t but some people do. My husband does but I need its guidance.

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