Spiritual or schizophrenic?

I’ve always believed in something more. As long as I can remember I’ve questioned our reality. How can we be diagnosed as sick when it’s just our perception? Maybe we are just seeing/hearing/understanding more than others- but as I typed that I heard my mom say to my sister “but we are all using it. We are all connected” tell me that isn’t perfect synchronization. Every time I try to tell myself that I really am sick (I am diagnosed with psychosis, and hear voices.) things are proven differently.

I constantly hear voices, mostly guiding me through things. They often tell me to follow the light. When hearing friends speak a different language, I heard words in English. They said that I am the devil, but we all are. We all exist to expand our perspectives. Nothing is bad, only our perspectives are. I’ve recently been told that I’m the last one here, the last one to understand, and the last one to be in synchronicity. Now I don’t worry if others are here.

As I typed that I thought in my head “I feel crazy though” and my sister actually said on the phone (not to me) “I want you to feel that way though”

So should I see this as a joke? Life is a joke and complete understanding is to laugh at everything? No ones trying to hurt me, they just want me to open up and laugh a little.

I often hear the thoughts of those around me as well.

I have always been very open minded. I’m interested in chakras, healing crystals, and spiritual enlightenment. I can be confident this is spiritual, but there is no way I can explain this to others.

Right now I am almost more comfortable accepting both.

I think similarly. I have tried many paths; but the path of alternative spiritual thought is the one that has “saved me from myself.” I think considering the spiritual side of schizophrenia is an assistance to well-being, happiness, and wholeness. Despite your “illness”, never give up your spiritual search. It can only be for the good of all. In essence, all that is is SPIRIT!!!

I was told something very similar to the perspectives thing by my voices as well, though I was never told we were all the devil.

Makes ya wonder sometimes.