Spirits, Devils, Angels? The 5th demention

I dont believe Im schizophrenic What if we have eyes that are opened to things others dont? Ive been deemed a prohetess several times in my life and even been tested and tried and found to be true, now they say Im ill but what if I just see and hear what others dont? Do your religious or cultural beliefs contradict your diagnosis?


Yes but to explain it to someone else would be difficult. But i have other issues like PTSD which is separate from my schizo affective disorder. But i digress . I am going to keep a journal starting my 50 th birthday in a couple of days. And start from there. Write down what I can and my explanations of things but that would be a tremendous effort to do. But i will keep it simple. I hope it helps me . I have read Journaling might be helpful. I don’t know but I will give it a try.

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Deemed a phrophetess by whom?

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Another prophet , my religious beliefs conflict with my diagnosis searching for answers when surrounded by highly spiritual people seems to have me at odds. Is that really a demon I see there, is that really a message from the an angelic being, very frustrating it makes it difficult to decipher what truly is going on. Am I haunted by spirits or is it just my illness is manifesting what my surroundings inspire. Its distressing. I dont quenstion my personal spiritual beliefs but I do question whats been taught to me my entier life. For example at 16 I was plauged by demons and my gaurdians said I was possesed and needed deliverance but looking back I feel maybe it was just in my head but was it?

I think Ill start a journal to thank you great idea

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Ive also made various predictions that have come true and seen visions that have happened at a later date really freaky stuff , either world events or more personal matters , its caused me trouble because alot of my family comes to me and asks well what about this , will this happen and when etc and then after my first break its oh shes crazy …yes your werent saying that when I told you this or this lol very upsetting to me

I struggle with that issue sometimes. I underwent an exorcism when I was a young adult. I believe in angels and demons and what I see is real to me. However, I started to wonder to what extent my visions are real when my son, who has sz, started telling me what he saw and heard. He’s not spiritual and his hallucinations are all based in science/politics/science fiction. They’re real to him, but clearly not actual.
It’s difficult to decipher beliefs vs delusions and hallucinations when there are some pretty wild things in the Bible and other religious texts.
I hold to my spiritual beliefs, and I also understand that having sz can twist and exaggerate those beliefs. It’s when my experience takes me outside of a constructive spirituality and into a more destructive delusion that I know I’m overstepping…

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Yeah they talk in harsh accents like the old testament, but what they have to say is always super smart, usually they have some comment about my situation.

This song really sounds like how it feels

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Scientists and Doctors don’t believe in angels, demons, spirits or anything supernatural. They go by the DSM criteria of what schizophrenics commonly think. They would be hard pushed to believe in God either.

If you hear voices, if you have paranoid conspiracy theories, if you have Knight move thinking, if you see things that other people don’t see (hallucinations), thought broadcasting, hallucinations that are physical, aural or visual and have them for more than 6 months then you meet the diagnostic criteria of schizophrenia.

That is simply it. The medications stifle such beliefs, limit them and stop them entirely for some. They have serious side effects, but that is deemed as acceptable if the delusions stop. Some people are thankful if they stop, others not so.

If you lived in Amazonian or African outlier of society sz is not deemed as a mental iilness, If you live in a Western society it is a mental illness.

The imagination is magnificent. The mind hasn’t been truly mapped, but living in society by certain rules of social conduct and acceptability is the norm. Abiding by its rules is all important. If you break them then there are social downsides.

A number of schizophrenics cannot function at all. Washing and socialising is difficult for most.The meds help them, whereas others can live hearing voices and function relatively normally. How you stand in society and the social norms you abide by will determine where you stand, whether you believe in God, spirits, witches or even demons. Remember priests believe in a magic spirit that sees and judges all. They just wash and socialise relatively normally to get away with it.

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I think more doctors than you think have at least some private spiritual side https://powertochange.com/experience/spiritual-growth/faith-practice/

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My stepmother is a Dr I texted her about my last psych appointment and what they said because she asked me to let her know, she wont text me back , shes very spiritual not sure why shes not talking to me though

too much sci fi… to think beings exist outside of the 3 dimensional space we occupy is of course as infinitely probable as it is infinitely improbable… but to think that beings that can manipulate the 4th dimension of time or above would have somehow ended up looking very human I find this difficult to fathom… lets be honest human form is not very good even for just 3 dimensions we are ill equipped to survive 75% of the surface of our own tiny planet…(the water part)… let alone the dangers of or time required to truly explore let alone inhabit any known planets or moons… not crapping on beings we may or may not have come into contact with supernatural or alien… just saying everything you have ever experienced seen witnessed or thought of are strictly restricted to our 3 dimensional plane… so to inhabit a higher dimension its unfathomable as to what shape they would have and our eyes and minds do not work well enough to do anything but guess and even then how do you even ponder something infinitely more complex than the infinite…there are no good ways to explain this…

all that is known all that we could ever know without massive updates to our tech or bodies and even then we still may be stuck on this 3 dimensional plane lorded over by the 4 th dimension of time…minus gravity particles…so whatever dark matter is…and that is the worst name for it…it should have no name as we know nothing about it minus it can ■■■■ with gravity…the fact that its effect on gravity is even detectable tells us… gravity can be directly manipulated by a complete unknown and to a certain extent measured because gravity can play in higher dimensions outside of the confines of even the 4th dimension of time …this is how much we actually know about anything that isn’t restricted within the confines of the 3rd dimension…to sum it up we know crap about what actually goes on beyond the 3rd dimension other than time has an effect on us lowly 3rdies…and gravity has something outside of the 3rd and probably 4th dimensions that can affect it…

what the hell was this topic about…

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oh ■■■■ just skip that lecture on how I understand anything above the 3rd dimension… I just ment to say its unlikely anything that lurks even just one dimension up would choose to even come visit… would you go visit the flat primitives that inhabit non depth land… crap no… they wouldn’t even be able to see you and if they did they couldn’t fathom you a 3d object in no depth land would defy the laws that govern that dimension… so I wasn’t disregarding anyones beliefs… just confining them to the 3rd dimension… anything you can ever imagine is confined within the first three…and ill give a little wiggle room to possibly the 4th dimension as we so heavily feel times effects… but beyond that into the the 5th dimension… the imagination of all living things minds combined cannot even chance a guess…

oh god I cant stop thinking about this…im finishing this up and im done after this I promise…so the 3rd is heavily governed by the 4th as time will outlast all it keeps going even if there is none to count it and we can maybe maybe slightly detect the tiniest possible influence from the 5th… I would guess to the 4th the 5th heavily governs and they may be able to slightly detect a tiny influence of the 6th… the 6th is governed by the 7th and the 7th by the 8th ect until 10 or whatever number there actually is…

im done… I couldn’t stop myself but im done now… im sorry again…I wasn’t actually talking to anyone in particular… just talking out loud to try and comprehend the questions and implications posed by even the thought of what is contained within the 5th dimension or if we even understand the 4th or our own very well…then the whole gravity gets to vibrate through the third but its def not time doing it…that’s mind blowing to me… I apologize…

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Pretty much just that I suppose

No its fine its a discussion so feel free, theres probably 11 in my opinion, thats why they say there is 11 multiverses in string theory they are confusing other dementions for multiverses of course what do I know Im limited by my own perception which could or could not be a little off.

Turn back, @flameoftherhine! It’s too dark for you to be out thinking!


I’m inclined to believe hallucinations and delusions are products of our own minds, because they vary so greatly depending on each person’s culture, personal experiences, and deepest fears. In Western societies, people tend to think they are being spied on by the government. In Asian cultures, people tend to get messages from their dead ancestors. People who grew up in Christian households are being possessed by demons or getting messages from God. I had a rather violent childhood, and I hallucinated my family members being tortured.

It makes very little sense to me to say that all these people are experiencing spiritual visions that just happen to be tailored to their specific experience of life. If they were really spiritual visions, everyone should be seeing similar things. It is way more plausible that they all happen to have a brain disease that causes self-created hallucinations and delusional beliefs.


My take on spirituality:
My main delusion is that I am in a brain study. However, I believe I invented the equipment being used and I designed the brain study. I then had my colleagues block my memory so I wouldn’t know I am being studied, let alone that I am a brain researcher who conceptualized my own study. My point: where did I get the knowledge to invent mind control and conceive of a brain study on a world-wide scale? I am a sudden savant. I had an epiphany whereby I suddenly had access to Collective Consciousness which is a spiritual dimension where all thoughts, memories, knowledge and skills exist from all living and all dead. It is one consciousness that connects us all. I call it “God”. So in a flash (maybe 15 years ago) I suddenly knew it all; physics, science, medicine (sky diving, martial arts, singing) and I ‘knew’ that the human brain was the most important thing to study (BY FAR). We are, after all, our brains. That is what connects us to “God”. With my vast knowledge, I came up with this human behavior and brain study which is still going on (obviously). This is the ‘mental illness’ part of the study and I am (obviously) very mentally ill although I believe sincerely that I am not (like many MI people).

I believe in a singular, combined consciousness and I believe my brain is a worm-hole into that consciousness even though we are all connected to it. We are all connected, living and dead. I NEVER gave any thought to anything so far out until I suddenly became MI in June of 2015. It came out of nowhere. That is when the scientists controlling my brain told me everything I just told you. Prior to that, I was just living my regular, albeit, stressful but non-MI life. In actuality I was being studied and controlled but it ‘felt’ normal. Why I am still stuck here? Cuz it ain’t over yet. I am not allowing myself to know. They tell me it won’t go on forever. I believe in meditation and brain training and I think it is a far bigger deal in the ‘real’ world than it is here. There are ‘spirits’ around you all the time. That feeling that ‘someone or something is there’ is real. I am not talking about hallucinations. I am referring to the general feeling and belief. I know that MI is a real thing that needs treating.
I believe in telepathy and mediums for the aforementioned reasons. Infinite knowledge (everything that has ever been learned) is all around us. As are all thoughts, skills and memories.

That is my current spiritual belief. Collective Consciousness. It is a very real, spiritual realm that we can’t see but has been there since the beginning. Since the very first consciousness.

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Bad time to be a prophet, but was there ever a good time?

Spirits just don’t give a ■■■■ really, our deaths don’t scare them one bit.