Spiritual attack

Why is it so hard to believe that I am surviving a spiritual attack and not schizophrenia. Yes I’m on my meds.


I was in the same boat as you. Then I thought I actually solved my “spiritual” problems and came off meds.

I got worse again and realised I had to go back on meds.

So I came to the conclusion that schizophrenia is a physical illness of the brain.

I still have unusual spiritual beliefs though.

That’s my 2 cents.


Yup, I have to remind myself sometimes that I’m sick, and the angels aren’t real.

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I find this challenging too. Basically cos I’ve got no evidence of wat happens wen I die :frowning:

You go to heaven with god and the Angels

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You don’t need meds for a spiritual attack.

For me, it’s not as much as “what I think” but “how I act”…that’s the vibe I get from doctors…I could have the craziest spiritual beliefs in the world. But if my cognition is right, my mood is great, im not hurting anyone nor myself…I could think whatever the heck I want. Its more about how I act ive noticed. They want you to stay in line, they dont care what you think deep down in your head. At least for me.

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For me now it’s just schizophrenia is a technical term for my spirtual attack.

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I’m so scared about death ammd my mum is probably happy thinking I’m going to hell cos I told her (I maybe should not have) that I’m scared of going yo hell, she maybe thinks I deserve it: the spitual attack. She hates me cos I remind her of her and she hates herself

I have to also keep reminding myself that I am very sick, especially when the voices respond to a thought or a fear that I’m having within seconds of my having it. Sometimes I wish the medication worked a little better.

When I was on risperodel(sp?) the voices would go away or get really low but I could never stay awake.

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