Spiral Dynamics

When I was psychotic in 2014 I stumbled on a book about integral psychology. The book was written by Ken Wilber. It explained the Spiral Dynamics, that says we have 8 stages of consciousness separated in 8 colors:

It makes sense to me because I was obsessed with some stuff that was in the orange level of the spiral. I don’t know in which level I am right now, but knowing this information gave me an idea of what I can accomplish.

Probably when I was psychotic, I wandered from beige to red.

Just found this information interesting and wanted to share it with you. Peace.

dude i don’t get it

Imagine that someone tries to mug you. This person maybe is in the beige color of consciousness (the person is doing what’s is needed to stay alive). Or maybe an earthquake happens and people are in dispair trying to survive. Maybe people are in beige color of consciousness.

A tribe who believes in spirits and kills an animal in order to serve an entity is maybe in the purple color of the spectrum.

Or maybe you see a person being extremely sexist. This person is probably in the red color of the spectrum.

A person who is very conservative (despite doing some good) maybe is in the blue color of the spectrum.

An entrepreneur who reads Ayn Rand and earns a lot of money for the sake of developing his empire is maybe in orange color of consciousness.

A person who really is aware of the environment issues and donate his time to help take care of abandoned dogs is maybe in the green color of the spectrum.

I’m not very aware of what could be the yellow and turquoise colors of the spectrum, but maybe it has something to do with what some people who practice yoga and meditation achieve.

i think very few people are stil in the red spectrum

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this sounds like level of evolution of a person. monks are probably on yellow

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