A phenomenon I have

The last time I used any psychedelic was in 1987. I never experienced any color phenomenon while on a recreational drug, now I have an extreme case of schizophrenia as a result of using them. I am able to function out of the hospital, as long as my life is not too demanding. I have a phenomenon some others have- psychedelic colors. It both gives me hope and makes me feel kind of bad. The colors are deeper and brighter than before. It started with the color red. It seems to be increasingly intense as time goes by. I have heard of this happening to others with my disease. I have also heard of it happening to normal people in old age. Has anyone here this phenomenon, I’d really love to know? I started getting the color change when I got into looking at Edvard Munch paintings.
Otherwise I’d like to say I am doing well, back home from the hospital fighting the good fight.

I also have colour phenomenon. But i think its colour that explains our state of mind. When I think and green colour appear than my thinking is correct and I should follow my this thoughts. But if appear red type colour than i have to stop that, and do not follow this thought.
It’s started at the beginning of SZ. I was seen two color lines pattern in hallucination, and its came in my mind to follow green, not red.

No, that’s not it.

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