Hallucinations are from butterfly eyes?

Man see’s 3 colors.
Butterfly’s see 5, although we don’t know what to describe the extra 2 as, this got me thinking maybe the active hallucinations are really just our eyes picking up these 2 extra colors?


I’m in. You’ve sold me on this idea. What else?


Must be the reason I’ve been chasing that butterfly in my head.
That butterfly of freedom
You never really catch it though


I just want to understand it. Was very real to me, even as I look back on the pictures I took when so called psychotic, and I can still see the things I saw back then.
Only trouble is, they were all taken with digital cameras, which by now is known, not to be eligible in a court of law.
I know what I saw was as true as this reality I’m supposed to believe.

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Schizophrenia is a disorder of perception. It’s about a brain being slightly or majorly off kilter and processing the environment.

It’s not mystical. It’s not magical. It’s not real for most of it…at least in that realm.

It’s a seductive bit of thinking to say it’s making you more prone to see things, feel things or experience things over other people because the practicalities of it’s work on us is anything but.

It’s smoke and mirrors. I’m not dissing on your parade but it’s way more important to be practical for such things!


Yeah, I don’t think what we perceive in psychosis can be proven to be real, otherwise someone would have done that. Nor do I think we can accurately know what is really going on. I think there’s something real going on, but we can’t know what it is.

We can’t know?
Or it would be best if it wasn’t known?
I care not for proving the things I saw, the experience was quite enough.
Just my own little world makes me happiest.

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Good @rogueone, I like it, I also define the phenomenon like you!!! But only words change.

and with that the butterfly eyes slowly shut tight and the net came down to end the discussion for good.