Spider season

Had a few big ones running about the house.


I never was afraid of spiders in general until about 10 years ago one with a highly defined spinneret took up residence beside my pillow.

I was having a strange allergic reaction to something. I looked over to where I’d seen the spider the day before and there he/she was inside a plastic drycleaner’s bag.

I was trying to trap it. Boy it was a super match between us. It was so quick at finding any opening out of the bag

I’ve never been the same since I squashed it.


Dad’s girlfriend won’t go into the basement bc she is dead scared of spiders. I like most spiders as they trap flies and other pests.

Attempt to stay clear of brown recluse spiders. Friend of mine got bitten on the chest and without going into too much gory detail…tissue necrosis. Big time. You don’t want it.

Am a fan of spiders like @ThePickinSkunk but I am lucky because none of the spiders in my country are venomous to humans


At.my pottery class brown recluses liked to be underneath things and in dark corners. First to use the banding wheel 5 spiders came out, etc. They told us to look under the toilet seats before we sat down.

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I have a jumping spider on my window that’s been there 4 years.

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I hate those itty bitty fast spiders that like look at you and react to your movements and whatnot. I have no idea what they are called. I am not a fan of really big spiders either.

So funny - back in the vcr days we ‘taped’ the movie arachnophobia off tv. Mum wrote the label on the tape. She didn’t know how to spell arachnophobia so she just wrote ‘spider phobia’ haha!

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