Anyone completely terrified of spiders? I can’t let one touch me. I’ll look at one in fearful awe. If there’s a picture of one in a book I can’t put my hand down on top of the picture and looking at the picture weirds me out. In short I’m like the Indiana Jones of spiders. Anyone else have an “irrational” fear of those creepy crawleys?

I hate spiders. I guess I’m afraid of them.

I am afraid of being near a spider - their bites can be toxic, dont want to deal with it.

I have arachnophobia

I like spiders. I had a phobia of bees but it’s under control now

How did you get your fear of bees under control. I’d like to know how to deal with spiders besides pacing around my room for 15 minutes repeating, “holy crap its a spider,” before getting a paper towel and throwing it in the toilet.

When one gets near me or lands on me I just sit very quietly until it goes away… In other days I would run and scream, but that got me to be stung to many times…

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Take the secure thought spiders trap and eat bugs. They probably would like to be left alone.


I have it as well.


I remember the movie and the premise is actually true ,there are whole regions that are owned by spiders and think about it …thousands of years of seclusion?
not only that but floods in Bangladesh scared spiders into the trees.
Check it out for yourself.

Im with you man ,this is why I have a cat.

One time I was doing some work over at a guy’s house, and he asked me to move a pile of boards. There was a nest of fiddleback spiders in it. Every board had about four or five fiddlebacks on it. I was very carefully killing each one before I tossed the board. The guy told me not to be afraid of them, just throw the board down on the ground before I tossed it. He showed me what he meant. That might have removed a couple of fiddlebacks on each board, but it would have made the rest of them mad. I continued to kill all of the spiders. That guy didn’t realize that if I had gotten bitten by a fiddleback while I was working on his property I could have sued him. I wouldn’t have done that, but I could have.

I always try to look at it in that way because in truth they probably are more scared of you then you are of them. Except the evil venomous ones like black widows or brown recluse. And I’ll always leave them alone if they are outside. But i still get a weird freaky feeling.

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