Speaking of food

I just threw out a rotten potato that had been in my refrigerator for a month. I hate wasting food but potatoes are cheap.

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I know how you feel. I just took a lb. of hamburger out of the freezer to thaw and it immediately went bad when it thawed. I’m so angry that it was wasted.

Plus garbage isn’t until Monday so I have this stinky hamburger in my frig until then.

Put it down the garbage disposal and then throw some baking soda or lemon juice down there afterward to get rid of the odor. Or maybe put it back in the freezer because once it freezes it will not smell, and you probably don’t open the freezer as much as your refrigerator. Oh, yeah, my mom says NEVER thaw meat on a counter or outside the refrigerator. It may make the meat bad, thaw it in the microwave or in your fridge. I read somewhere that she’s right. AND, Amazon.com or Walgreens sells ‘defrosting plates’.They are some oval kind of metal about 12 inches long and flat that thaws meat in HALF the time it usually takes.I don’t know the science behind it, but you just lay the frozen meat in the middle and check it every so often. But I have one and I thaw beef steaks, beef roasts, chicken breasts or legs or thighs, turkey thighs, etc… It really works, it’s amazing. I think one cost me less than $20… and I’ve had it for three years.

My voices just said, “potato famine.”.


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French fry shortage.

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i hate wasting food…i love food , and coffee.
take care

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Thanks 77nick77 for the advice. I don’t have a garbage disposal and I worry that if I put it back in the freezer I’ll forget to throw it out. I’ll look into the defrosting plates they look like a good idea.

My potatoes come in a Betty Crocker box. :blush:

Tape a note to it that you can’t miss?

I love instant mashed potatoes.

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