Cooking at the 77nick77 household

Housemate moved out two days ago, it’s just me now. I’m bored with eating the same things all the time and I had to use some potatoes up before they started sprouting. So I made a huge batch of potato salad.
I made a couple mistakes but it came out OK. I cooked the potatoes too long and they were a little starchy. But they still worked. It called for half a cup of fresh dill weed but all I had was dry ground dill. So I estimated how much too use and substituted the dry dill. I estimated right! It tastes great! I also cooked a couple turkey legs and still have a bowl left of pudding for dessert.

I got up at 6:30 am today and got on my hands and knees and scrubbed the kitchen floor. Looks like new. The only bummer today (actually, there were several but this was the biggest) was when my groceries got delivered at 9:30 am, Safeway made a major mistake; half the order was missing. I was happy when it was delivered and I got it all inside and checked my groceries with my receipt and discovered the mistakes. I was not happy and I called them up and some really nice woman got on the phone and apologized and we went through the receipt of all 129 items individually and we determined exactly what was missing. And it was a lot but they’re going to deliver the rest tomorrow evening.
So I took a nap and I have to get out now. The Advil I ordered was not delivered so I have to go to the store for some.


Sounds a productive day for sure @77nick77 . Glad you got the groceries sorted out. That is a reason why I haven’t tried delivery yet…I worrry I won’t get what I ask for and have to go through hoops to fix it. Still. Good day my friend.

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Thanks. All it took was a phone call though. Hopefully, they can’t make the same mistake twice.


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