Spam! 1515

I think whenever I make a donation from now on, I would like to donate anonymously.

I’m not very political, but I made ONE political donation a couple years back and ever since my phone is spammed almost daily with texts for more money. I think they change the number they send from so I don’t know if blocking would do any good.

I still receive snail mail and emails from charities I donated to from when I was psychotic years ago.

The most baffling one though, is the scientology stuff I get in the mail. I read “Dianetics” when I was like 20 years old. 30 years ago. And regardless of how many times I move, they always find me and send me new mail about scientology.

I must become invisible to these people…

How about you? What companies, charities, etc hound you for money and/or membership?


I get letters and e-mails from charities I have sponsored in the past. I also get the occasional text or call to ‘invest’ my money. I hang up pretty quickly.

It’s not too bad for me.

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I’m very skeptical of charities.

I only give monthly donations to the ASPCA.

The best way to help someone in need is to give them cash or meet a direct need.

I don’t need a company to help me do that.


I made a donation to a YMCA and the Concordia Language villages because I used to steal from them. Now they send me monthly letters asking for more donations. I don’t even open the letters anymore, I just put them in the paper recycling box in the garage. That’s what I get for stealing.

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The Scientologists wouldn’t touch me with a barge pole :anguished:

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