Effing charity

Donated sum to a charity. You’d think they would be grateful. Oh no, phone me up less than 2 hours later touting for more money. I am not an ungenerous person but i hate being pressurised.
Told him i donate as and when i can afford to rather than doing regular giving (already have several DDs to charities and don’t want to do anymore) .

It seems like every other day there’s a charity trying to squeeze money out of you. I can’t remember it being this bad in the 90s/00s. I like donating to charites where there’s a personal/family link, of my own volition as and when able to rather than being pressurised to set up direct debit. Did in fact cancel charity DDs a while back only to be sucked back in because i couldn’t withstand the hard sell.
It’s getting to the point now where i am thinking of putting the phone down as soon as they start their spiel but maybe that’s rude and i should just firmly say ‘no’ i’ll donate if and when i can.
Luckily i have not been approached by the street chuggers much recently probably because i don’t often go out. They seem to hit my block of flats quite regularly. Are the economically impoverished an easy target for these people re willingness to donate to charity?

Unfortunately some good charities have lost my financial support due to being overly pushy. When I say no I can’t right now as I just lost my job then I mean no… not talk me into even $10.

They can be greedy. And they don’t care about your personal situation, like whether or not donating to them would make you broke. It’s like the political organizations constantly asking for money. I’ve gotten on plenty of political organizations email lists, and some of them, all they do is ask for money. I know the Missionaries of Charity are very greedy. They want more and more, and they’re accustomed to big gifts–like your house. They don’t care what that might do to you personally.

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I have donated in the past, to various mental health organizations. Recently, I have donated to the animal shelter where I adopted my dog. I just donated, but they continuoslly bombard me for more donations - I am going to chill out for a while

I’m sorry you’re having this happen from just trying to be nice.

My brother and I give to a few charities. We like to give actual dog food and cat food and cat litter and chew toys to the animal shelters. That way it’s no a monetary donation and we don’t give our name. We also get blankets, flats of bottled water and pillows to the Aloha House for the homeless shelters. sometimes it’s easier then donating money.

I personally hate it when one donates money and you find that most of it went to “administration fees and support” so over 50% of it is not reaching the people in need. It’s going to the people in the fancy office.


This is the kind of thing i do when i give. I go the direct route. If you give to charities you are helping them pay a lot of overhead just to run the charity, pay the bills, etc. I saw a graph one time that only like 5% of your donation actually goes towards the object of the charity itself…everything else is business overhead…(for some charities)
In college when they wanted us to do volunteer work we went directly to the animal shelter and would walk dogs, brush cats, just get the animals out of their cages for a couple hours.
I will give money directly to someone if they ask me, most of the time, or food. hasn’t happened in awhile because I’m in a very rural area.
I used to give rides to people all the time. I’ve let people stay here when they needed to…not strangers, people I knew who had a situation with housing and needed a place…free of charge.
I do not tolerate the telemarketer charities or junk mail asking for money… I do not give to them. I stopped giving to churches long before i stopped going to church. I had valid reasons. I was young and naive about ministries and gave to someone for missions…and same guy got caught paying for prostitutes behind his wifes back…
Besides, when I started hearing sermons demanding money or you were a sinner who was robbing God and would not be blessed…forget all that…funny thing is that church closed its door less than 6 months later…so who wasn’t blessed ?

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My favorite is “Stuff the Bus”. There are a few “stuff the bus” events in my city. One for women escaping violent homes, one for foster kids and one for pets. The bus comes and you stuff the bus with diapers, pet food, new school supplies for foster kids.

Those are always fun for me.


I donate when I can, usually to children’s charities. They always get me with those cute, big-eyed little kids with the truly sad stories. But I get tons of letters every week asking for donations.And phone calls. The cops and firemen are the pushiest people on the phone. They get demanding which bugs me.
I do like the free address labels and pads of paper charities often put in their letters.

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I donated FIVE garbage bags and two paper sacks full of food to our local food closet about three weeks ago. It was all the food I had bought on sale from Safeway.com on a huge grocery shopping spree. It was their lucky day, they really made out. About 15 boxes of brownie mixes, about 4 jars of jam, 8 boxes of dry cereal, 8 boxes of microwave popcorn, 12 boxes of various kinds of crackers, 6 or 7 jars of ice cream topping, three boxes of candy, three bags of GOOD candy, 4 big jars of peanuts and more. I had to get rid of it because I’m sick of this extra weight and that food wouldn’t have helped my diet.

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