Sounds of nature

Lots of white noise apps to help you feel relaxed and sleep better like this one

Do you ever hear other sounds in the white noise?


I hear words in everyday sounds

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You can get other sound bells is that what you mean ?

Like when the air conditioning is running I’ll hear people talking or doors closing. Does that happen to you?


Do you put it on the crowd setting? I don’t normally hear hallucinations …

Okay. Just me then. :slight_smile:

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I don’t normally hear hallucinations but when I was psychotic I did believe everyone I can’t across were talking about me Infront me of. I could hear them say stuff and think it was about me.

Wow. That’s hard!

I love sounds of nature -got some birdsong and rainfall tracks

I use my amazon echo to play thunder and bird song when i goto bed. It quietens my mind. Quite a handy gadget.

A sound machine would be nice. I’ve been getting confused on where a voice or word originated whether I said it, someone else did or if it was a voice. Weird.

White noise is a huge trigger for hallucinations for me. Hard to escape it though. When I start to hear white noise in my head I know the hallucinations are close by


I sure do hear noises sometimes when its quiet and I’m making some music but only at that time. A while back I heard a voice in rhythm with what I was making. I don’t remember what it was saying now though but at the time It was sort of funny :joy:

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