Can white noise help with schizophrenia

I wanted to know can white noise like the cars going by or the fan help with schizophrenia and its symptoms?

Not for me, I listen to music instead.

Yeah, I listen to music

The white noise helps me get to sleep. Some people hear voices in the noise though, even folks with no MI. It just depends on the person.


White noise keeps me from getting triggered by people talking nearby. That’s pretty much it, but it’s good. Might as well use music. Sometimes I use both.

Can it make it worse?

Grey-white noise can give me worse hallucinations, honestly. For example, I hear voices in the shower/if I run baths.

Believe it or not I keep the tv on to a cable news channel at night during bed time.
The repetitive chatter helps drown out the background noise.


It makes it worse for me. I can’t handle white noise.

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i use it for sleep, it drowns out other noise so i just float off to sleep.

sometimes music can make things worse for me. i get pieces of music stuck in my head at random an repeating non stop at times. that might be more ocd related though

I like that - repetitive chatter on the news channel

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White noise can be troublesome at times. But, fortunately for me, not usually. I don’t seem to need to have music playing all of the time.

Yeah good for overly active minds if you want to sleep. White noise is good for that!

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it could distract you from your voices and be helpful that way. Other than that and maybe helping you relax i cant see any other benefit

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