IDEA: Being SCZ is like Being a Bladder Brain

After studying the mind phenomenon for quite a while now I’m starting to see that schizophrenia or “bicameral mind” is like being a bladder brain. That is to say that within the mind exists a “word bladder” which when filled up with words, symbols, signals, and mental effects of the mind that are misread, there becomes a fake virtual reality world inside of the mind.

So when we are looking out of our eyes, and we are hearing out of our ears, we have a mental representation of the world. This is our mind, but inside of that is a bunch of symbology that creates an ultra fallacious representation of a world that does not exist.

I find that figuring out the mind is a way to release the build up in that “word bladder.” If it’s not so big, it’s interesting. If it is enormous, it is overwhelming.

When it is “relieved,” then the lights are brighter, I’m more relaxed, I make much clearer judgement and smoother actions with precision and so forth.

Do you think that you were born with the potential to contract Sz? I’ve always thought I was born more likely to have Sz. But there was an incident that sort of broke me and activated the Sz. (I was late onset. 27 years old.) I think it is different for some people. Like some people are almost certain to have it. But with me it was only an incident combined with the predisposition.

I understand your point of view, and it brings up some interesting conversation.

Can I ask you first, do you believe most of the world has been delusional for at least 10,000 years? If not, how could they prevent this delusional state of group thinking?

Thanks. I’m looking forward to your reply. :+1:

It depends on what you mean by delusional. Do I believe that people have labored under startling misconceptions about the world they live in. Absolutely. I think we all go through the world with very little understanding. Some people make up their own rules and then try to impose them on others.

Personally I like that answer.

The world knew very few truths up to recently. It’s estimated that human knowledge doubled over the course of 1 AD to 1500s AD. It doubled again the next 200 years. At current rate it is assumed to be doubling twice every year because of the Information Tech or I.T. phenom.

Knowledge almost always comes to each of us via all words I remind you. If the truth about nature is not found or easily hidden, then the words will never reach anyone. There may be no words to describe anything that is not known yet.

It seems like a big, showy thing to be able to talk about this phenomenon, but it’s really not.
What is even more about this phenomenon is that the way that the world of humans we speak of is culminated from dust unto a state of knowing truth an individual goes through the exact same process each and every one in each and ever era of each land. To any person that hasn’t been allowed to know much by circumstances this may not be something they can appreciate.

If you know all of the truth, in theory you should be able to see through all of the proceptions which aren’t much more than the imaginative processes overlaying the sense of the external world. To know all of the truth would include knowing everything about what the mind is, how it works intricately, and how to improve its performance.

So naturally by knowing the truths you then can get pass the limitations of the tricks the mind may play on you. You can even get past them when they are working on other people who would otherwise limit you.

I believe that delusional is like this: “characterized by or holding idiosyncratic beliefs or impressions that are contradicted by reality or rational argument, typically as a symptom of mental disorder.”

Notice it says, “typically.” That says that people with and without mental disorders are delusional.

My understanding is more like a faulty world view and self view as in the theory of mind and theory of everything is completely false, and this causes a person to make a lot of false.

This is dementia: “a chronic or persistent disorder of the mental processes caused by brain disease or injury and marked by memory disorders, personality changes, and impaired reasoning.”

In this case there are physical damages to the “neural ontology.” Ontology is the order of information such as in an informational system. Minds, being informational, and neurons, being information processing material, are what is implied by “neural ontology.”

The science of information includes the study of ontology.

What I have found is that people with dementia are prone to scz symptoms, but so are people without the brain damage necessary to have dementia.

Dementia works like a software program that has lost much of its data from the hard drive and much of its programming script from the solid state drive. But in the case of the brain it doesn’t just shut off. It keeps processing, but memory function, sensation rendition, and thus understanding becomes a mess. The informational culmination will not be identical, and therefore what we call a “personality” will diverge from the person’s normal characteristics of the mind.

I’ll give you a sharp example of my delusional days. I recall being in the intersection crossing like anyone else, and trying to understand this world while assuming that I was being mentally and kinetically scanned and abused. If telepathy and tele-kinesis were real phenomena called magic, then my world view and mind view was that this was a magic world that I was born in, and I was born without the power to defend myself nor retaliate like everyone else. I recall trying hard to “be in their skin” as they sat across from me on the bus, and I believed that what I could think was what they could think, and that I could abuse them back this way.

That is delusional. Again the mind theory is wrong, and it’s really wrong because the world theory is wrong.

I call all religions “telepathy schools.” A primal concept of the ancient tribal peoples around the world and still to this day even the uncontacted tribes in the jungles is that a mind communication with one thing or another is real. Naturally we referred to the “delusional state” of the world at the top.

By the way the tribesmen in the jungles to this day and the scz on the streets yelling at the skies are categorically delusional. They cannot know the truth because they have not heard the words which direct the mind to the natural truths neither of world nor self or rather universe.

What we have here is a world that is suddenly overflowing with information seemingly, and we are in the information era when we have information technology to assist the fuller development of our civilization phenomenon. We still have an issue of fallacious social castes in this part of the world determined by color and shapes, but how long can they last in the faith of so many people finding knowledge rather than fallacies is to be seen. Probably not very long now.

So what happens now is that there is a whole new kind of kid that has never heard of the concept of telepathy unlike the entire rest of the world that had heard of the sci fi of things like telepathy and magic as well as funny pretend creatures in the woods, underground, and nutshell gods…by the time the kid was 9 months old. That was the news/school of the whole world. It was also the laws. Imagine any industry based on their fallacies. Now you can imagine why no industries carried very far until the meager rise of logic among the few who were rich enough to absorb it.

I haven’t ever heard of an scz who did not hear of the concept of fake telepathy. I know that when I was a kid, I never heard the word, “psychology.” I never heard the word schizophrenia or any of these other things. But I heard of telepathy from the movies and the telepathy schools as well as their followers who believed they were telepaths because they heard the words that said it was so being taught.

They talk about being reborn like many kinds of them have talked about for at least 4,000 years. I talk about believing them, failing, dying, and then being reborn when I finally cleaned out all of the fallacies out of my mind. If your brain is processing fallacies, then your world including yourself is a delusion. I failed all things because I was delusional. I found the truth that was hidden from the world except the rich in previous times as well as what they didn’t know, and so it was like being renewed. It actually was very memorable and awe-striking.

So for a kid who was not delusional before to be taught fallacies, and then go depend on them to survive with all of his might that he can year after year is be born again the other way though. It is to go from being unbewitched by the words of the world to being bewitched by them. Then when he fails in all ways, he is then obsolete. As a result of being obsolete, he is not a threat to anyone who made up the fallacies like Rome’s elitist plutocracy.


What I want to know is if no “religion” or “sci fi mind communication concepts” are introduced to the children who never incur any brain damage, do any of them ever incur a delusional state?

What of this type of “modern human” where scz applies?

I suppose the question is then where did ancient humans find the concept of telepathy? They imagined it. Since that is true, then the “modern human” can do the same thing. Any human can make pretend telepathy as much as time travel if they want.

So then the question then is if they imagine an ontological profile that depends on the fake concept of telepathy which is easy enough for a human to expand exponentially on that is bored and socially isolated. I am someone who was bored, isolated, and extrapolated exponentially in this exact area to the point I invented my own cult mixture a long time ago. It is what I call an esoteric cult or religion because I was the only one that believed and practiced it. There were many strange rules about things outside of me in the city and everything inside of me as well as people. Bizarre. I never understood logic up to that point. Hehe.

The difference with me and the “modern human” is that I was taught in telepathy schools. I also saw movies where it was implied. Part of the problem for me was that I was with people that implied it was what they were doing, and I was definitely gullible at the time as well as wanting very much for “magic” to be real. Hehe.

Sooo now the question is if a person that had become so bored and isolated that all of this was elaborated were to be intercepted with something like say a big job, a big job promotion, or a huge social success like suddenly this person was rich for whatever reason, so everyone in the family, and acquaintances, and their acquaintances wanted to visit the big house estate for social gatherings etc… Just imagine that the person’s life is suddenly full day in and day out with sociality.

Do the sci fi imaginings end right there? Is it possible to distract the brain so much with so much alternate information that the theory of mind and the theory of everything can be changed from delusional to realistic and practical, thereby making the sci fi imaginings never more impractical up that time? Before the sci fi telepathy stuff thought out for a few years alone seemed very practical if this person was going to succeed socially and in other ways, right? So now if there’s another way, and there is no more time to use the mind on these other thoughts, can the mind become scz?

Has anyone ever heard of a rich and popular scz before who was not scz before becoming rich and popular? If not, why not?

Here’s another example. If this same person was instead introduced to a lot of knowledge about brains, minds, philosophy, logic, computer science, and anthropology which contradicted everything that the person believed, and all of this knowledge was provable which none of the sci fi imaginings are, then is scz possible to replicate in this “modern human?”

Is there a degree of scz that is only achievable when the person has been scz for a little while, but one of these life changing events intercepts the brain, occupies the brain informationally, and thereby reverses scz some, but never removes it all? If the human has a delusional time period, and then the human gradually becomes scz, then is the extremeness of the scz determined by new information about what is real in the mind, and what is real in the universe and other people?

This is something that I am going to find out, and I’m going to start interviewing people at random this year. :slight_smile:

A veritable volume of vexatious verbiage, to be sure!


I apologize if I went off on my own thing, Futomimi. It’s still directed to you though.

I am not certain about the “potential to incur scz” being a congenital defect. I know enough to make people scz, but theoretically I could reproduce scz in each subject??? I don’t know, and that is inhumane. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t groups that have done this and who have manipulated mass populations with this kind of knowledge. There is a deep understanding of schizgenetic criteria out there with agencies tied into the Tavistock institute. They have been being inhumane,and they know.

What I want to know is “what is a person born with that makes the person more prone to incurring scz than other people?” Is that defined in science anywhere? It’s very important to know if this is not so vague that it’s really anyone’s guess regardless of who including your guess or mine.

The majority of people are delusional like we stated about the human species for at least 10,000 years.

The majority of people don’t exude a genetic defect.

The majority of people are not socially isolated nor incapable of defense against abuses.

My hypothesis is that in a delusional world where there are isolated and/or defenseless, abused people there is a potential for a bicameral mind which is a Julian Jaynes concept. My hypothesis is that this bicameral mind is expressed not simply in the scz people, but it is expressed in other forms such as depression, bi polar, mania, PTSD, ADD, ADHD, and many phobias as well as philias.

In other words the bicameral mind is something that prevented human kind from advancing for thousands of years, and why this world is not currently more successful in an undisturbed ascension of fact finding and invention.

It is also this bicameral mind that is why people are no more successful than average.

If the fallacy is the key to the bicameral mind, then logic and truth is the key to the famous masters in all of the fields of science, careers, academics, arts, sports, speeches…

My hypotheis is then that the degrees of bicamerality are dependent on criteria such as what information do you believe or know, how frequent is information input entered into your mind whether socially, non-socially, thinking creatively…, and how ambitious are you in the order of the fallacies that you believe in while at the same time never, ever able to succeed by?

I find that academic and work performance as well as personal hobbies and projects peak with more sociality in the person’s life. It’s a known fact in college study methods that a group that studies together as a social group makes better grades than the average student that doesn’t study socially. I have seen in sports that the most socially supported people all of their lives from childhood tend to be the most successful with the most minimal effort. Others who are solo must work harder to reach their level or higher, and then of course there are people with the higher memory virtue who will increase success if there is a social atmosphere around the person’s academia.

Another thing I observe about people is that the most socially successful people all of their lives and the most philosophical and logically aware of their own minds at all times are on average more financially stable and reproductive. Also the highest level of mind performances all come from this frame of thought which has nothing to do with religions or sci fi telepathy or anything else which I have seen works like a diversion from the highest level of performance.

I think that answers ya. :thinking: I’ll just tamp that down on ya, and wrap this up. :smirk:

You are most welcome and commendable for noting that. It’s a life changer for sure. :rofl:

I want to add to this thread quickly…

If a person has half of their brain damaged or removed, the other half will not sense that something is a miss unless told so.

If a person incurs brain damage via any physical, viral, chemical, or other means as well as a combination of means, and this causes a form of dementia, is it possible for my hypothesis to occur as a result of this dementia because of the underlying informational glitches, fragmentation, and deletions or non-recording while mixed with an elaborately construed “tribal sci fi” explanation for what is happening possibly because there is no other explanation available to the person, or there it is so hurtful to the person’s ego that they are failing mentally, socially, and financially that they can only hope onto a sci fi explanation rather than the real explanation?

I definitely have a lot of people to interview both diagnosed and people who wouldn’t be diagnosed for anything.

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