Soul mate - relationship

A relationship worth life.
Gives meaning to each other.
A friend, philosopher and guide.
Leading a blissful life.
Nothing makes the life so tough.
Always learning about new things.
End life with satisfaction.

Is it possible for a sz/bipolar?

Wish i can find soulmate. so far none.


I thought you were married? :confused: I don’t think it’s impossible… I have had a lot of setbacks but I live in hope.

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There was a girl at the pet store who rung me up we had a great bond. Idk if she could ever be my soulmate but we had good chemistry. I think soul mate is possible but it takes time to know for sure. It’s not some magical thing that you meet and you know its your soulmate.


Yes I am. we are kind of mates. :slight_smile: but not soul mates. we get into fights often. But apart from that we lead a peaceful life. Soul mate is something beyond the fights and like defining peace. For me its unreachable.

Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune without the words,
And never stops at all

The above poem comes to my mind as you said about hope.


Hey @sriharryster I guess we’re all different. I’d love a soulmate I can fight with :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::confused::grin::smiley::see_no_evil:


I say that because I never fight with an outsider. Only with family. So if I found someone I could fight with it would be amazing :slight_smile:


Even I don’t fight much with outsiders. :smile: :sunglasses: I fear a lot to communicate to others than I fight. That’s why I have less friends.

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You guys have to keep in mind that a “soul-mate” should one be called that, is still first, and foremost (get this) a…Human Being.

Really? Sure.
They are not going to be a perfect angel (who needs that?) but a living, breathing (hopefully) independant Human being.

Compatability is what makes the couple seem like soul-mates, because it makes things easier when you have the same values, but it in no way insinuates there will be no problems or arguments.


Exactly as I have pictured. It could be just a casual relationship but could be perceived as soul mates because the strength of it never reduces. Hence life has no ends.

I am married to my soul mate. I don’t even want to breathe without him. He’s gone to jury duty right now and I just had to come here for company after my very lonely bath. I wish he were home now. But Csummers is right, it’s not magic. You still have to do the work just like any relationship. With him I just find that when it comes to work I find myself taking him into consideration more than I have with other people in the past. I love him, even when something bad comes up the consideration is for both of us. What can we do to make it better? And if there is no compromising on a subject then I hold no resentment. We have one heart.


I found my soul mate. He is all I ever want. He’s everybody’s soulmate. If they only want Him.

I too am married to my soulmate. I also have a hard time when he’s not around. We live and work together. However, my husband is away on appointments and won’t be back until this evening. Anyhow, I hope your husband is able to get back soon and if you ever need someone to talk to about separation anxiety - believe me, I understand!

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Last night I dreamed that John Linnell of They Might Be Giants (my high school crush and favorite band) offered me a job. I could take this as meaning one of two things, I will get a job and husband someday or I will never have a job and I can forget any kind of relationship.

that’s sweet really. I often freak out and post on here when he’s gone. He just grounds me so much and when he’s gone I’m beyond sad.

I dont like people. I dont like romance. I can’t help.

It is good to fight. There is something wrong if you do not fight. A couple’s therapist told me

I dont fight. I am peaceful and i accept things as they are. :wink:

I will do that when i turn 90

I understand. now you are young & rebellious against life. you wanna do what you like. but people learn to accept the inevitable as they grow up…

Do you mind telling me your age :unamused: