Do you hope to find your soul mate

as above folks, thoughts?

Found Her and Lost Her. Fini.

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Not that lucky 1555

I sold my soul.

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we all have a match OK


Soul Mate. Friend. Lover. Partner In Crime.

One Who Erases All Of Your Doubts.

One You Could Watch All Day, As They Do Their Daily Mundane Tasks. As You Become Starry Eyed In Wonder. As They Look Over Their Shoulder And Smile. And You Fall In Love All Over Again.

It Began In Wonder. And You Actually Listen To Everything They Say, And Sometimes Interrupt. As They Gently Tap Your Shoulder, Smiling, Lightly Saying, ‘Let Me Finish’. And You Stop Yourself And Quietly Laugh, ‘Sorry Dear’.

Love. It Is What It Is. Completely, Beautifully, Perfectly…, Unexplainable. Nor Do You Even Try.

Although, Sometimes It’s Highly Amusing To Make Sense Of It All.


DJ Nosferatu Beat Beam (sleepoptimistic)
:dog: :snake: :dog:

P.s. I Miss You Dear!. (Hmm Radiohead)

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A good teacher of occupational therapy said crystal clearly to me that ‘I’m so close’.

It was ‘real talk’ even if her candid remark was also a frustrating thing to think about.

Don’t get me wrong; she meant work but I also choose to extrapolate she sort of meant ‘women’ as well! Again I appreciated her for saying it.

No such thing.

There are many people you could be compatible with and fall in love with,

Not just one.

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I think you choose your soulmate. You put in the work to get to know who they are, and how they fit with you, and they do the same. By now, I couldn’t ever imagine a life without Mr. Star. But when we met I had no clue if it would work. I just knew I wanted it to, and I was willing to put in the effort.


I hope 2 find my soul mate


if it doesn’t happen

I don’t care

I had two romantic relationships when I was a young man. I dated some after the second one ended, but nothing happened again. I gave up back in my mid 40’s.


So that’s appropriately 15 years you’ve given up. That is sad… did you find dating frustrating after your 2nd romantic relationship ran its course?

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being sad can be happiness its about thoughts in your head @anon64158233

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I believe my soul mate is out there.

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Yes somewhat. I think I was trying to replace my former love. You really can’t replace them. He died due to HIV.

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I guess that’s fair lol, but if you also elaborated I think that would make for a better post and I might get even more out of it?

I don’t understand your post

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I hear you I get wrapped up in a girl on the opposite coast, but it’s now finally something I’ve left in my past.

She was larger than life though and I wasted time in ways.

I still want to grab ‘caramels’ w her and talk about platonic relationships in a safe general way…

Succinctly put, though is I’m lame sometimes, a lot of times, and it’s all bc she jumps off the page so much.

I guess it looks contradictory…

but I don’t need help on it which is my final answer!

(I don’t know what to say on HIV and your loss. But I want to be there for you.

Do you smoke? … I think it’s gonna take me down. :unamused:

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I’m not a half to seek my other half. I’m a whole unity


Yes. It’s me.

Love is just projecting inner qualities onto another person. At least that’s my take.

But there’s a bit of genetic logic to it, where you seek out opposing traits, for the sake of fitness. Even if they’re not logical.

Like I fell for a marxist, and I’m fairly right wing. Totally opposing worldviews.

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