Sory, I have to depress everybody for a minute

WTF, people in my life WANT me to destroy them. If I leave them one little molehill of a chance than they will turn it into a mountain. I don’t get it. OK, now I’m happy.

why don’t you tell your pdoc about this nick? ongoing delusional behavior I think.

Naw, I just had to get that off my chest. Everythings cool.

  I think the line of sanity is a bit blurry with so called normal people. Like the song by Jimmy Buffet "if we weren't all crazy...... we would go insane". they are just humans too, ya know what I mean? I like to say to myself they all are crazy too, but at least we take our medications.  hahaha. Seriously, we need to be strong for them at times as well. and Billy Joel's line "well it just might be a lunatic your looking for" and ,or " we got ta keep the loonies on the path" by Pink Floyd.

It’s like I told daydreamer. Occasionally my neighbors know they are driving me crazy. But 90% of the time they don’t know that what they’re doing is driving me crazy. I can live with that. I think.


Okay thanks for sharing

You’re welcome.

Glad you were able to vent that off and feel better.

What else has been going on with your weekend? Any nice walks or warm evening ponderings?

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I was up all night. 4 walks to Walgreens for milk and a coke. Three trips through the drive through. One walk, one drive to the grocery store. Two trips to the gas station.It sounds really weird but my parents told me that when things get too crazy in the apartment, then I should take a walk. I also drove downtown twice. And this morning i set out for my mechanic but I got lost and ended up taking a scenic drive through the hills and then ended up three cities over in my old neighborhood. The drive was nice.

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A walk to burn off the energy and get away from what’s irritating me at the apartment is what I do to cope as well.

There have been times I come back from a walk… I barely sit down… and NOPE… I just can’t be there… then I head right back out the door. It’s been so warm out up here…

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Me too, lol. I bet I out-walked pixel and his fidbit.


I THINK LIKE THS TOO SOMETIMES. its like when your believeing someone iis against you if you have schizophrenia you cant be trusted to make the decision. no one is against me keep saying that to yourself.

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I’m in the same boat man. Keep going for walks too, which does seem to help a little.

Hope things improve for you

Well, thank you very much.