Sooooo, sexual dysfunction on SSRI's

I have tried to speak to my pdoc now for 12 weeks, but no luck

Basically I am on 40mg Fluoxetine, and I noticed by time I got to 20mg that I was unable to have an orgasm or climax

This is obviously not the most important thing in the world.

However, I want to meet someone, and I feel broken (Like I needed any more reasons to put off a partner)

So I am left with only two options

  • Ignore it
  • Reduce dose myself or even stop it until normal service resumes

The prospect of contacting my pdoc is now a closed book, as I am angry with him

Not sure I want to try other non-SSRI AD’s, as they can cause weight gain

Seem to be stuck


Viibryd (vilazodone) is a new SSRI that is very light on sexual dysfunctions. Maybe worth asking about.

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what about the option of trying a different SSRI and seeing if it doesn’t have as much or no side sexual side effects? There are like 15 or so of them, so lots to choose from…

I had the same effect on Effexor. I guess it depends what is more pressing, the depression… Depending on how bad it is… And sexual function

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Unfortunately not available in the UK

I have read online that the serotonin balance that SSRI’s achieve is at the expense of orgasm

I saw the term ‘orgasm block’ referring to how it stops the signals reaching the brain from your junk

I really do question the effectiveness of these treatments when they have to measure them against a placebo - which is basically no effect


I am of the same opinion @Joker . My own personal experience of ssris we’re all negative side effects with no perceptible gain. Going for a walk 10 minutes a day has shown greater promise then medication in studies

I have just been talking to my pdoc about the same problem. I can get an erection, but no climax.

She prescribed me viagra, and said that it did help others with sexual dysfunction.

I have not tried it yet.

In the UK your GP should be able to prescribe a different antidepressant. You should be able to put in a request online from your registered doctors surgery.

I need to try this, but I struggle to go anywhere without a purpose as I don’t know what to do with myself without a task to complete

I thought it was only for erections, and not as a side effect med. Might try it


The GP refuses to intervene whilst I am under the care of secondary services

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You might consider asking about testosterone shots. It has done more for my depression than any pill, and it definitely does not inhibit your sex drive LOL

NHS - Your right to treatment:
“You have the right to use NHS services if they can help you. The services cannot refuse to help you without a good reason. If the waiting times for a service are too long you may be told about different places you can get the same or similar treatment.”

Here is the link to the article:

It sounds like they have refused, but I would give them a second try, and cite the above. If they still refuse, then you can complain and/or seek advocacy.

They told me if I didn’t like the doctors decision, I should find another surgery

Not quite that desperate for sex, but I will keep it in mind!

SWITCH to buproprion if you can

I was prescribed testosterone by a head injury Specialists, specifically to treat depression. The sex drive is a side effect

Ok so you’re stuck between two services. I’m assuming your psychiatrist is with the CMHT, not the hospital. In which case i would complain to them first and ask for a change of medication, or a referral to to your GP, if the psych is too busy to see you.

That should either get you some new meds, or else reopen the door to your GP.

Bupropion is licensed in the UK to aid smoking cessation . Bupropion may only be initiated by a Consultant Psychiatrist, who must have gained the approval of one of the Assistant Medical Directors, using the named-patient form in this guideline

Ah ok. If I get to speak to my doctor I will query this

Thanks @Beep