Sexual Dysfunction as a Side Effect

I take Seroquel, Geodon, and Lexapro along with physical meds and have noticed sexual dysfunction since starting the Lexapro. When I was at lower doses I noticed I just lost interest in sex. Wasn’t too bad because when I was in the mood I didn’t have any problems. Now since it has been increased to 20mg I just don’t have the bloodflow and can not climax. It really helps with my anxiety, and I wouldn’t care if I were single but with having a boyfriend I want to enjoy being with him. We have a trip coming up where we are going to spend the night in Atlantic City. I really don’t know what to do. I’m trying to reschedule the appointment with my new pdoc so I can see her before the trip and hopefully find a solution. This happened before when I was on Lexapro and I never brought it up because I thought it was my own insecurities with the person I was with, but with not being on it for a while and now being back on it, I know it’s the drug. I read that they use Viagra in women with this problem and am willing to try it, but I don’t know if they’ll prescribe it to me. I don’t want my boyfriend to feel like he’s not man enough or whatever and I don’t want to lie to him. I’m just feeling really frustrated. My anxiety and psychosis is finally not giving me any problems, after a bumpy road of med changes, and I really don’t want to change things again. Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks! :sunny:

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I would say to talk to him, explaining what the medication is causing to happen. I know that climaxing can be important however based on my own experiences with my hubby, sometimes it just doesn’t happen for either one of us however we still enjoy everything else about the experience and it still fosters intimacy between us. Not sure if the restricted blood flow interferes with natural lubrication but KY Jelly can really help and it even adds to some of the sensations.


Thanks Barbie! I have talked to him but I don’t think he quite hears me because he just says he’ll have me climaxing multiple times. I know the weekend in ac will be awesome no matter what. We’re going to go out to dinner and then hit the casinos before going to the room. The next day we’ll have a lazy time in bed and then go to the outlets. The trip is not all about sex, but that is a component of it. It will be our first time spending the night together. Thanks for the advice about the KY Jelly, but for some reason that doesn’t seem to be a problem. I’ll try talking to him again. Thanks! :sunny:

There are also all kinds of ways to enjoy the experience.
Be creative…
i am also going to be in Atlantic City in a few weeks! My dad lives there. Maybe I`ll see you on the boardwalk!

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Thanks for the reply! That’s good advice! Maybe I will see you on the boardwalk. It’s a cool city isn’t it? :sunny:

Yes-my dad is 2 blocks from the beach. Ive been going there since I was a kid. A lot has changed,but I still love the old neighborhood. Havent been there since Hurricane Sandy…wondering how it will look.

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The last time I was there I didn’t notice what had been effected by the hurricane. With the hurricane we narrowly escaped it. I’m in Cape May and it was heading right for us, but at the last minute it turned north and missed us. They came around door to door beforehand to tell us to evacuate, and my mom told them we were staying. Our family convinced us to come to Pennsylvania though. We drove in the car with our suitcases, the two cats each in a box, and our dog. Quite the adventure. Where are you located? :sunny:

Im in Kentucky. But my dad lives in Atlantic city. He grew up there. I have an Aunt that lives in Egg harbor Township,and some other relatives in Upper Darby, PA. My dad stayed when the hurricane went through. Of course, his basement completely flooded out-along with everyone else in that neighborhood. There was an Italian restaurant on Ventnor called Fedelis that we always went to. After the storm, he closed it down.
Technically, I guess you could say my dad is in lower Chelsea.
We also used to go swimming at May`s landing when we were kids. Cedar water!
I miss the way the boardwalk was before the casinos came in and took over…

At least in Kentucky you don’t have to worry about hurricanes. I’d rather have them then tornadoes or earthquakes. I used to go to school in Mays Landing when I first moved down here nine years ago. I don’t remember AC before the casinos, but they are huge. The casino business is a big deal in AC. :sunny:

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I have had sexual problems as a med side effect too. Changing them fixed it for me.

What did you change to? I also have sexual problems on my meds and tried to switch to something else but it didn’t work and now I am back on the old meds giving me the problems.

What med are you on that gives you sexual problems and what med did you try to switch to that didnt work?

I remember Lexapro being a real sex buzz kill too. Exercise may help to get your blood pumping. Also talk to your doctor about alternatives. With the baby boomer generation there are new estrogen cream products on the market that help stimulate blood flow to that area. I haven’t tried any yet but a therapist mentioned them to me once. I think you need a prescription for them.

@EarthChild and @revv

I changed to geodon, pristiq, and lamictal. My doctor thought at the time that it was the Abilify that was causing the dysfunction but I was on lexapro too. It might have been both.

I have also been on seraquel with buspar, while staying on the lamictal and pristiq.

My problem was different, I felt the urge but I didn’t get much or any physical pleasure. I have been on a couple others like Latuda and vibriid (I think I spelled Latuda right. I don’t know how they think up these unspellable names). Once I got off the Abilify and lexapro it cleared up right away. Nothing else I have taken has caused any dysfunction.

I’m on amisulpride, and tried haloperidol but it didn’t work.