Songs to help calm down or vent 2

I missed a bunch of songs in my first post, so I got some more. Sorry if I’ve repeated any.

If you’re depressed and need a vent (caution, this might make it worse. It’s important to know what makes you feel better. I listen to sad songs because I feel like it’s a load off of my mind that someone else gets it)

Addict- Lund (caution, talks about wanting to die, drugs/alcohol)
The Night We Met- Lord Huron

Female Robbery- NBHD (I don’t know the real meaning behind this song, but the music video can be triggering as it has to do with an abused child)

Mr. Washington- Local Natives (really calming)

The Beach- NBHD

Lemonade- Nicole Dollanganger (her music is beautiful but it’s very triggering. Please be cautious about her music, I chose Lemonade because it’s nothing too upsetting)

Teen Idle- Marina and the Diamonds (her music is amazing. Such a beautiful voice. In this she mentions bulimia)

Joan of Arc- Arcade of Fire (this is a weird song in the beginning but it gets better. Nothing triggering in here, just really good for me to listen to when I’m angry)

Kettering- The Antlers (amazing music, really serene, but they often talk about death/cancer/losing loved ones. Kind of hard to even hear what they’re saying, just really calming music)

Little Pistole- Mother Mother

Cut My Hair- Monika

Someone to Stay- Vancouver Sleep Clinic (I really really think you guys will enjoy this band. Absolutely beautiful music.)

Lung- Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Already Gone- Sleeping at Last

Outside- Tender (makes you feel like a badass)

I’m Tired and I Hate this Song- Cyberbully Mom club


Marina is my favorite :sparkling_heart::sparkles:

I love depressing music. It’s helped me so much, oddly enough.

Some things I would recommend would be

Cocorosie (very haunting and beautiful, I’d recommend lemonade, smokey taboo, fairy paradise, maybe werewolf but it does contain subject matter of abuse I think)

Xxxtention - Jocelyn Flores is a sad song I’ve been listening to lately, he wrote the lyrics after a girl killed herself in his hotel.

Mum- we have a map of the piano is quite sad, reminds me of a dream

Massive attack - paradise circus

Phantogram is great, i would recommend when I’m small

Mgmt is quite sad, (have you ever paid attention to the lyrics of say, time to pretend?)

Crystal Castles is my go to when I’m super emotional but it’s pretty intense…

Grimes has voice of a baby angel so a lot of her stuff seems a lot happier then it actually is (oblivion is about her getting sexually assaulted)

Cat power- the greatest

(Do you like piano? Or Zelda? Look up lilypichu’s cover of song of storms on YouTube)

Radiohead was crazy helpful for me, I listened to it all through my 7 months in hospital.

Grizzly bear

Bon iver

Lana del Rey

Like bass? Swell - I’m sorry feat. Shiloh

I’m only going to stop because that’s probably quite a lot but I can go on for ever. This is a lot of the music I listened to that basically saved my life. If it wasn’t for music I think I’d be dead a long time ago.

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I love Bon Iver and Lanel Di rey! Absolutely fantastic. Thank you for the recommendations, I’d love to hear more!

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