Songs that are good for the mind

These are just songs I find very comforting. I will list what helps with what illness (for me at least), and hopefully these will help. FYI, my song taste is very weird but I have no one to share with so here we go.

Any emotion I’m feeling, especially when I need to calm down:
-Dream State- Son Lux (amazing band, I really recommend them)
-The Ghost on the Shore- Lord Huron
-Meet me in the Woods- Lord Huron
-Mightnight City- M83
-Heaven Waits- Geographer
-Fortune’s Fool- Hiatus
-Sandman- SYML

Depressed or sad (these might fuel the fire. I personally find them comforting and beautiful, and they help me cope with depression. Just be warned in case you’re sensitive to solemn music)
-You Are the Moon- The Hush Sound
-Stranger- Katie Costello (honestly I love this song so much)
-Saturn- Sleep At Last (also all of their songs, can’t list em all)
-The Wisp Sings- Winter Aid (beautiful tune, not much lyrics)
-Where’s My Love- SYML (Seriously listen to this one, and the instrumental if you don’t like violins)
-Kettering- The Antlers (this one is a bit triggering, it’s about cancer)
-Fitzpleasure- Alt- J
-Dangerous- Son Lux
-Stolen- Son lux
-Burning Pile- Mother Mother
-Ghost- Mother Mother

If you just wanna feel cool and have some nice music to listen to:
-Dead Crush- Alt-J
-Cold Blood- Alt-J
-Breezeblocks- Alt-J (honestly all of their songs lm ao)
-Feel it Still- Portugal. The Man (impossible not to dance to this)
-Bit by Bit- Mother Mother



Thank you for taking the time to put together such a fantastic, detailed list. I’m sure it will help many people (myself included).

I listen to Marconi Union Radio on Pandora when meditating.

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Oh that’s so cool! Meditation is awesome, but I haven’t done it in a while. I believe in spirit animals, not in an edgy tumblr way, but because I have Native American background and I really love it. I have dragon and owl pendants, I collect “healing” stones (I don’t really believe they heal you but it makes me happy). I meditate to stay in touch with myself and my spirit guide which is a dragon. Whenever I feel down or I’m stressed, I think about him and I can find the courage I need to continue my day. Dragons represent courage and power, and master every element. I don’t know if any of this helps you, as I’m just blabbing, but I find having a spirit pendant really helps me cope.


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