Do you have any songs you listen while depressed

This makes me to feel good … :smiley:

Trigger Warning…

Mostly listen to depressing songs when depressed. The main one has been the MASH theme the last few years. Was a song we we’re taught in school when I was 12 funnily enough. Favourite covers always been this one.

I would become more depressed by listening your music, ‘Suicide is painless’, which is why I try to counter depression by listening more happy and lively music to lift me up from that the hole of depression.

I listen to heavy metal when I am depressed

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Trying to stop listening to that sort of music now and listening to more easy listening music. So less depressing and less psychotic. Just it was on my mind today…

How’s this instead?

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I listen to Coldplay’s Amsterdam - its a slow moving song, the lyrics echo my depression, they talk about ‘I’m dead on the surface but I’m screaming underneath’ and ‘stood on the edge tied to a noose, but you came along and you cut me loose’ so a bit of hope there - he wanted to attempt suicide but was helped in the end.

Bridget Jones signing allong with “All By Myself”. :joy: Opening scene of " Bridget Jones Diary ".
Someone put the link for me?

e(Y)e’m Always Depressed So , ALL , N , EVERY SonggG ,


“i wonder why .” - Author Unknown


Be Quiet …

i find this to be a beautiful song. i am trying to learn it on piano :blush:

Hah I couldn’t tell if that was a still image or not.

Sounds complex to play.

■■■■■■■ hippies. (Jk)

The fountain is cool though. I wish we had one of those somewhere in my town.

I want to move to a bigger city.

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Got anything against hippies? hum? hum?

I want to move to a smaller city

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Dirty drug addicts with their ■■■■ music jkjkjkjk

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You sound like my grandpa

I’m an old soul lol really I’m just playing

Although hippies do annoy

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Some of them do, I’ll give you that

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I’ve been told I have a very judgmental look to me. I effing hate it.

Was one of those hippie chicks way back.

“I can see the judgment coming from your eyes.”

Sorry I can’t just let all go. I’m not ■■■■■■■ hippie. I do try though. She was just as judgmental anyways. Could tell by her social “navigation.”

Human beings are just terrible. All of them. That’s fair right?

Meh. Not all humans are ■■■■■■, not all hippies are judgemental.

It’s this issue of labeling people, I hate that ■■■■