Son lux are getting good

Anyone listen to any unusual bands or music , anyone a fan of son lux ?

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Post a video :smile:

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I actually listen to very mainstream genres/types of music only.

I listen to every popular song ever made before like year 2000

hip-hop and classic rock are the genres that I delve a little deeper than that though.

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I don’t think I listen to anything mainstream well I suppose some classical was mainstream once and always will be , I just get really in to creative expression and this Canadian band son lux have really striking videos , how do I share links here ? I suggest “stolen” or “easy” both songs and videos are bizarre yet hauntingly beautiful

just copy and paste the link in your message

here ill do it for you

looks like the easy song is pretty popular actually, kinda mainstream :wink:

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I know about as mainstream as I could think of haha , u heard of negative land ? Yer man I was listening to alt j and lorn and son lux before most but I’m glad they are coming up , at the moment I’m finding some really weird stuff that’s old , thinking if it’s time to revisit the old favourites , Kate bush and the homogenized artists from that time , pink Floyd , Gabriel etc

Are the knife mainstream yet ? Lol

And thanks for the link post , both of which are not the original videos hahaha :wink:

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I don’t know knife.

I do love pink Floyd, I have a pink Floyd bumper sticker. I know kate bush. and do you mean peter Gabriel??? Because I don’t know who Gabriel is.

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All that is amazing…

Depeche mode

Kate bush is the reason I have a hound of love :slight_smile:


The knife are good , Jose Gonzales covered their song “heartbeats” very new wave electric

Chopin and Debussy have my vote when it comes to the classical side

You and @tomasina would get along if you like classical. I believe she likes Chopin.

I’m more into heavier, more upbeat, harder songs more focused on melody and lyrics. I don’t mind any music though.


And , God damn my fussy nature , Roger waters on his own was just amazing , amused to death is a wonderful concept album

I’ve heard of them,

My husband likes that kind of stuff.

They’re not bad!

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Yes, I like Chopin - great memory @Jonnybegood!! :slight_smile:

@Songbird - Kate Bush is the best! :slight_smile:


That’s great I adore Chopin , I like anything that can come through a speaker if I’m honest haha , techno , rock .

I’m a blues singer , there it is , something I struggle with , tortured talent and all that cliche Crap

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Ahhh fabulous , I’ve been getting into some of the darker stuff of late , how do u feel about Eric Sartre ?

I don’t know of Eric Sartre? What type of work does he do, @Songbird?

I rap because I grew up on hip-hop.

On my car I have a peace sign, a jimi Hendrix, pink Floyd, grateful dead, led zeppelin, doors, rolling stones and beatles bumper sticker though!!

I’ve evolved but I still love hip-hop and work on my own craft

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U strike me as a foo fighters fan :slight_smile: shoot me down if I’m mistaken

They’re okay lol not a huge fan actually just that 1 song

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