Music Taste?

Anyone like underground/golden era hip hop, jazz, 60s/70s rock, r&b soul, motown, flying lotus (electronic), thundercat, iron maiden and tool (metal). If you do can i get a WOOP WOOP!!! And maybe post some tracks😀

I like folk, appachian mountain music, americana trip hop and weirdness.

My favorites are:
Joanna Newsom!!
Tom Waits
Lana Del Rey
Cat Power
Van Morrison
Coco Rosie
Joe Pug

I like trance. I heard this type of music makes you stupid, but I like it. I heard rock music makes you more aggressive and produce more dopamine. Classical music is good for the intellect, but they disproved baby Einstein being beneficial.





None Other THEN (!!!) ,

4.) RADIOHEAD (!!!) (!!!)

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I Love , LOVE LOVE ,

Joanna Newsom …

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O yea I forgot classical. Pavane for a Dead Princess by Ravel is my isn. Even though it’s technically not classical I’ll still count it as “intellectual” music. Can’t beat piano epic solos

I like hip-hop from the underground and golden era…jazz…60s 70s 80s rock, r&b soul, and metal…grunge and post-grunge and some pop too and new age r&b…but yeah we have similar music tastes. nice!

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Can I get a…

Also, who’s your favorite hip hop and jazz artists? and whats some good grunge? also I should get into Radiohead @sleepoptimistic a lotta people love em but I just haven’t gotten to them yet. Whats a good starting album. But yea those are good tastes in music everyone. I’m an aspiring musicologist so I try to know everything about everything music

Kanye. Alpha and omega, lol.

People usually find the Bends and OK Computer the most accessible. I personally love Kid A, Amnesiac and Hail to the Thief best. I can make song recs for you. (I can also talk a bit of Iron Maiden, too)

Hey Kazuma ,

I Agree With Rhubot , Those Are Amazingly GREAT Albums , KID A Is # 1 Overall In My Book , If You Can’t Get Into Them With Those Two Albums Then Jus Roll Out …

I Got Something Fur Ya ,

Between Two RADIOHEAD SonggG’s ,




Which One Is Tha Better One (???)

I just listened to them. I like both for different reasons. I could probably listen to How to Dissapear Completely more regularly, but if I was in a melancholy mood I’d pick Pyramid Song. And ok I’ll check those out thanks for the recommendation guys. :grinning:

ra ma ma ma ma GaGa oh la la

She’s my absolute favorite of all time! New album October 23!!


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I Had No Idea She Was Coming Out With A New Album ,

I Heard Three Of Hers But Can Onli Really Get Into Her First One ,

I Need To Catch Up With Her ,

She Is Amazing Fo Sho …

My music taste is mainly electronic based music.

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I like metal mostly and some classic rock, which is essentially white man’s music. I find it funny if a person will talk ■■■■ about metal, yet likes rap music, assuming the person is white.

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