Sometimes you just can't give someone a break

Grrr. I’m sorry buts its starting to piss me off. Incompetent customer service. I try to be nice with them over the phone and it just ends up that I’m screwed over for my important business. And on their end, I’m just one customer in a million and they go back to tire job like nothing happened.

And I am left withe problem not solved. I get so many of these people who literally don’t know what they’re doing and I try to be polite and not point it out to them. Or be mean to them. And it just gets confusing and I end up having no help and the wrong information from them. I try to be understanding but that’s where I go wrong.

I’m trying to do a balance transfer on my credit cards but every time I call, I get a different answer on-how to do it.

I keep calling with no luck. But it frustrates me that I’m giving my power away just so I won’t hurt someones feelings and so I don’t make them feel stupid. So they go back to their job which probably pays more than triple of what I make at my job. You just can’t cut people slack sometimes. I know when I’m right.

:angry: It’s so annoying, I know how you feel

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I am going through something similar. It’s like being polite is a power tool. You must (I have to do this myself) set boundaries, but still be nice at the same time? Be stern? I dunno, I am struggling with this too. Sometimes my head seems like its going to explode, thats when I know I can speak my mind. lol… Hope that doesn’t happen to you though, because it is not helpful biologically…

We can do it, we just have to learn with every experience.

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