Interesting night

So tonight a guy called into my work, immediately asked for the store manager or owner. I told him she wasn’t here but i’m the shift manager. He then proceeded to yell, like as loud as he could that last night he had tried to come in, but was turned away. So I calmly told him that I didn’t work yesterday, didn’t know what he was talking about, and what I could do. He was still yelling said he got turned away and then a family with an infant child came in and got food. I told him that there is no way that would happenin so he, again yelling, said are you calling me a liar? I will get in contact with your boss, tell her you laughe’d at me, and get you dealt with. The least you should do is offer me coupons or some free food. So I told him I couldn’t do that without having evidence of what happened. He then hung up. I’m really confused what would compel another human to be such a piece of ■■■■. What did I do to you you piece of ■■■■.

That is part of Customer Service as they call it. I cannot tell you how many times when I was working at a restaurant while in college, we had people make calls like this in order to get free food.

The way it works is, they insult and degrade you in hopes of making you snap, he probably had you either on speaker phone or was recording the call, after you snap, even if you just say good day with attitude and hang up, he can claim you were unreasonable and have grounds for a minor lawsuit.

What’s so surprising about some guy being an ashole? There’s lots of rude asholes in the world. You don’t run into them everyday but they’re out there. I see people acting like jerks and it just strengthens my resolve to never, ever, end up like that. Let people be jerks. It makes me wonder how happy their families are to live with someone like that and it makes me wonder how happy a guy like that is by making his family miserable… Some people are just like that. Keep your side of the street clean and don’t buy into their negativity.

@Dremulf with the fact the he was lying about what he would say I don’t know if he was recording or anything… we also give people stuff all the time but because I couldn’t verify at the moment that anything had happened what am I suppose to do? Guy just wouldn’t listen.

@77nick77 seriously. How much of a loser do you have to be? I can only imagine he was thinking, “This kid needs to pay for no reason because i’m an entitled douchebag that deserves free stuff!”

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I had someone threaten my family, when I told him to go to hell, he only had my boss listen to the part where I told him to go to hell, he edited out the whole threat thing. Thankfully my boss makes us record every phone call…

@Dremulf i’m not too worried about what happens. It’s just a job. Dude and his wife can lie, he can edit a recording, not a big deal. Guy’s just a loser and if my boss believes his crap then she’s a naive idiot. I mean, guy, it’s pizza, grow up. I had nothing to do with what happened, grow up.

that’s the best way to look at it. I’d be permanently locked up if I had let it get to me, and tat was a full three years before I was diagnosed

@Dremulf no lie, after that conversation I just wanted to beat the dude, accusing me and saying his going to lie so I can be ‘dealt with’. But he wasn’t in the restaurant and looking at it, dude is just sad and pathetic. If I get fired, for no reason, dude is exactly what I think of him, and probably a lot of others do too. People like that usually don’t have much in the way of friends, or family enjoying them, or compassion for others. Just a sad, lonely guy.

I agree whole heartedly. My new ob thankfully doesn require much interection like that, but I do have to deal with people who want everything ‘perfect’…I hate someone who will actually get down on their knees and measure the distance between two saplings, to make sure its exact and not even an inch off…

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