I don't understand

Why does it have to be so hard to be nice? I just don’t get it. You’d think if I’m being nice people can also be nice. Ì hate that I care about people who are just big jerk faces. I hate conflict. Ì think maybe I’ll just never leave my house again unless it’s to my parents or out with the kiddos. At least my family is nice.


Eh, no. Been yelled at 3x this week so far. I think insurance brokers are maybe a bit above telemarketers, but definitely below rabid vermin in the eyes of the general public. At least MY end of the conversation was polite.

Le sigh.


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The people you are helping give you pain because they don’t have anything else to give. They are emotionally poor.


I’ve found that taking the high ground is the way to go. I’m always polite. If people aren’t back then I have little to do with them! I get on with most folk but you can never get on with everyone. Too many idiots out there in the general public for that!


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