I often hate the zeus

Anyone else feel this way about the raw deals in life when lied to by all authority? Fug Zeus …
Or any other name it takes…

If this is too triggering feel free to delete it

I have major problems with TCF Bank. They always lie to get overdraft fees. Then when I fight back and win they are demoralized!! Yippee!

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Yeah jail the bankers :grinning: lol

I had a bank that did that to me too… I ditched them years ago.

Prison for bankers!!!

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Hugs to us :yellow_heart:thanks you cheered me up.

Lots of customer service people I talk to over the phone don’t know what they’re doing. The problem I run into often is that if i have a problem with my credit card company or my car insurance company, or even Social Security, I’ll get people who just don’t know their jobs.

I can call some services or companies for answers to my problems and when their solution doesn’t work, I can call back 5 different people at the same company I can get 5 different answers and none of them work.

The sheer incompetence of service people is really pissing me off lately.


Yeah. I get mad at people that don’t know their job and pass it off if they don’t care… If the person is honest and nice Im cool with em

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