Sometimes When You're Happy People Won't Like You


Don’t Fret. Don’t Worry. Don’t Get Sad or Ashamed. Don’t Close The Blinds. Don’t Hide.

You Did Nothing Wrong. You Are a Spark. A Flower. A Gentle Stream.

The Moon Doesn’t Judge You. The Stars Don’t Judge. The Sun And Sky Doesn’t Judge.

Relax. Take a Deep Breath. Start Over. Rethink. Hit Reset. And Continue Smiling.

The Universe, a Large Unending Place. And We Are But Tiny Ants. In a Beautiful Sphere.

Love Conquers Everything. And it Always Will. In Peace. Like The Morning. Fresh!.

And Ready to Tackle The Next Years of a Wonderful Life!.

Don’t Give up!.

The Best is Yet to Come (!!!)… . … :100: :wink: :100:


I had to rejected someone out of my happy home. I am worried she want revenge. How else should i get my peace and quiet ? It seemed like I was 24/7 call. That is the first time I rejected someone like this. Especially with the medication I am vulnerable.

Faith in Hope, Allows You to Walk in The Shadows of Endurance And Gives You The Key to Succeed. Resting in Courage And Strength Takes Peaceful Willpower to Continue The Study of Honest Freedom.

So Don’t Give Up on Yourself!.

Strange Side Note:

On The Subject of Speaking The Truth & of Misinformation. A Battle of Internal/External Opposites Without a Seeming End to The Possible Transitions of Want And or Need. Some Continue to Stay Positive & Some Give up. Truth, is a Solid Foundation. Lies Are Dissolving Sandcastles. The Transition From The Negative to Positive Ends in a Cell of Commonsense. Which Leads to an Endless Field of Joyful Happiness. On The Other Hand, if You Find Happiness in Misinformation, Reverse Yourself, Educate Precisely. And Walk Back to Who You Were Before You Gave up. Jus Some Friendly Advice!.

Because No One Likes it When They Are Being Lied too!.

Friendly Reminder:

At The End of The Day. Before You Call it Quits And Drift into The Land of Slumber.

Think About What Your Biggest Regret is of That Day.

And if it Falls Under The Category of Not Purchasing a 12 Pack of Soda.

Well. You Are Probably in Good Shape.

So Rest Easy During That Night And Relax For Awhile!. :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s easier to be grumpy and doc.

Memory Enhancer:

There is Only One You. Only One Person That Thinks Your Thoughts. Only One Person That Speaks Your Words. Only One Person That Writes Your Sentences. Only One Person That Sings Your Songs. Only One Shadow That Follows Your Steps. Only One Form of Skin That Can Feel Your Clothes. Only One Person That Can Taste What You Consume.

And That is You!.

Remember That, The Next Time, You Feel Unimportant.

Unusual. Strange. Odd. And or Weird.

And to Be Honest, To Feel That Way isn’t That Unusual Anyways.


Think it was one reason for being admitted once that I laughed uncontrallably and being euphoric.

Daily Reminder #0.1) Laughter. A Key. Locked Safely. In a Vault of Innocence. Forever.

Daily Reminder #0.2) Superstition. Beliefs. Generation Foundations. Study Alone. Peacefully.

Daily Reminder #0.3) Creativity. Inner Depth Hopefully Ferocious. Beyond Skies. Walk Goals.

Daily Reminder #0.4) Rest in Unknown. Fear is Sphere. Theater is Life. Peace is Hope.

Daily Reminder #0.5) Sometimes You Will Bare Your Soul in Peace. And Thief’s. Release.

You sound a little manic. That would be okay, but for the crash afterwards. Maybe you should talk to your pdoc.


What Have I Said, In Precise Decision Sounds “manic” Exactly?.

I Ask.

N e Hoo.

Daily Reminder #0.6) Lies Feed Not. Lies Hope Not. Lies Help Not. Lies, Need Hope?.

I have found that when I’m happy people are sometime envious and give me the cold shoulder. I personally love it when someone else is doing well and thriving. I love to celebrate with them and share in their excitement and joy. But I have never been prone to jealousy much. In fact I’ve only experienced a few times in my life. I have to admit I didn’t like it. It’s much better to be happy for someone else than to be envious.

You Speak Kind, True & Fulfilling Words @leaf.

Thank You For Sharing.

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Thank you @sleepoptimistic, so do you, always, like a liquid poem.

One With Pure Smoke of Clouds And Rain

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