All I do is complain

How do I stop being so damn negative

Yeah, me too… I am always in pain, I am scared, that everybody will turn away…

The irony of it all is that it can be a real headache to think of something positive.

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think of sunshine and flowers :bouquet::desert_island::rainbow:

I just say all my negative thoughts out loud when I’m by myself and say them opposite.
“I’m having a bad day” is what I mean but I end up saying “I’m having a good day.” It’s helped me to think more positively.

I have so much to complain about right now due to meds. I am resorting to going out for a bubble drink and a sandwich. That’s my way of dealing with a bad day.

Good going thats a great way to deal with it. Be strong. @anon62973308. @anon80629714 Look at the bright side, there is something good in everything. Maybe a little silence is better than complaining?! Say something nice about somebody else. or smile at somebody.
dumb i guess, me.

I understand feeling negative. I don’t have much advice other than keep on going. Sometimes good unexpected things pop up.

Watch a funny movie or swing swords at monsters in video games. Go on a walk and get a frappuccino. Talk about how awesome your favorite movies are. Think about french fries!

Just a few things I do sometimes.

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Thanks guys I’m.gonna try not to say the stuff iny mind because I know it’s all negative anyway.

If you always complain, people reject you. They don’t want to hear about your problems. Thus if you actually have a multitude of problems simultaneously occurring, despite your desperate agonizing situation, people will still reject you.

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Watch a sunset, order a chocolate shake, go to the library, rent a good movie, read a book you enjoy, indulge yourself a little.

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I don’t care much if people reject me. I just hate myself for being so negative all the time. I do care if I end up rejecting myself.

It took me ages to get over non-stopping, never ending, rejections. Now I don’t care either.

On the brighter side, I went for a walk yesterday, and I spotted a deer just feet away from me as I circled a tree. In less than just 5 minutes later, I also spotted a rabbit. Both were located in the trees and bushes that are under a huge highway bridge that is just a stones throw away from the local houses.

Mentally ill people should have the right to complain. They dont feel well

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