Sometimes i wanna yell

When waiting in lines,
I wanna yell “move move fackers, i get dizzy
just by standing here”.
Or outside i wanna yell “I know you’re actors,
I know you’re fake”

When I don’t move at all, standing in a line,
I start to feel dizzy, and i fear I’m gonna fall

Yes can relate to that

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Now i am alone in the café.
Super paranoid about people’s eyes.

The directors of this truman show,
make everything perfect.
Now i hear people laughing,
now i hear the sound of the sea,
a car passing by etc.

Everything seems so fake.

Om_Sadasiva… Was your initial insanity better compared to what insanity now remains?

I don’t understand the question.
Could you explain?

I read of you a couple of years ago on reddit maybe and you seem different then compared to now. The question is about your insanity progression and your opinion on it.

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It’s incredible how you remain coherent in the midst of serious psychosis. I’m sorry you’re getting so little relief from your meds.

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I’m worse now than then.
My ideas and voices have become
more complex.

I am and i am not.
It changes every moment.

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