Felt extremely depressed today

I started sleeping quite early yesterday, but I woke up in the morning and I felt extremely depressed. Without my meds I can not sleep at all. However, after several hours of this depression I took few nicotine gums and my depression went away and I had energies to visit my father at the elderly care facility. He will be 80 years old on Monday, but he did not remember my name and said his brother’s name when I asked who I was.

I have felt a little lonely lately, because I basically live alone and have no real physical friends. My psych nurse knows me the best, because I have seen this person for many years. Sometimes I just feel calling the acute number to discuss and chat. I just need to struggle with these voices and my depression. Depression can be so bad that the only thing you want is to sleep.

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@mjseu I suggested in a previous post that you might benefit from antidepressants - why dont you ask your psych nurse about them - it could help

I will do that at our next meeting. Thanks. Now when I am writing this I feel no depressed at all. It just comes and then it goes.

Yes, depression can be this way. It can be on and off it seems - its best if you talk to the psych nurse

How about going to a group or volunteering somewhere? I go to a DBT group. Besides my SO and my parents I don’t talk to anyone all week.

If nicotine gum helps with your depression, why not use it. Its much safe than antidepressents. I myself when i become depressed i just take amino capsule, and my mood becomes normal over a week.

@mjseu…I know how you feel. Depression is rough but you gotta just take it easy…relax, watch the tv, don’t do anything stressful.

I also know how you feel about friends. I haven’t had friends in 20 yrs. Im 38 now. I just hang out on the forums here. Also, you should look in to mental health clubs. Theyre good places to go for a coffee and a chat. Mental health clubs are in all cities and a lot of towns. So check them out. Ask your psychiatrist. Mental health clubs are a place for a coffee but theres also things going on like art, drama, creative writing and health management. Check it out

hope you are feeling better today.
take care

Why not rty to be in a club or something? I’m active in scouts and an organization for ppl with ADHD, tourette’s and asperger’s. It’s a great way to meet new ppl. And maybe finding new friends.

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I found a new friend through Attention. She lives really close to me. Attention is the organization for ADHD etc in Sweden.

i hope you get a chance to visit with your psy.nurse…and talk out your feeliings with her and how it is going…depression is so awful…hang tough…

did you say you cant sleep without your meds? did you stop taking them?

Wait is it aspergers or ausburgers? Have I been spelling this wrong the entire time? (I’m not trying to be rude. Spell check says both of us are wrong. I have indicators of this but not full blown. It might help if I spell it right!).
Yep… I checked… you’re right…
Well heck.

Hey I don’t know why I didn’t ask this when I commented the first time. Do you know of any good online Ausperger’s support groups? I’ve been looking for a good one (I have some questions about myself. I need to find good, free, online resources that will help me interact better).

I’m sorry you feel alone.I am living with my husband and daughter—and I still feel lonely. My husband is not too nice to me…and none of them really understand me. At least my daughter tries…I had many years before I got married (I got sick at age 15 and married at 30) when I was alone. And I was extremely depressed.I honestly think depression is worse than psychosis. It is a good idea to call someone to chat when you get down. Here we have something called the “warm line” which is kind of a peer-run service for the mentally ill…it’s more for just chatting with someone …not a crisis event.

I hope things get better…and maybe you could find a friend… If not,just talk to us here…We are all in need of someone to understand. Hang in there.

I sleep quite well after taking my evening meds, I take also some Melatonin to improve the sleep. These depression phases just come and go. For example, today I have been uplifted and then also sometimes depressed. I’ll talk to my psych nurse about this at our next meeting. Last night I slept at leasteight hours, which is good, because my brain works better when it has been rested.

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@onceapoet i only know of a Swedish forum. Sorry.

Is it written in Swedish?

Yes. I used to know a lot of sites before I got ill. But then I forgot everything. Also I got paranoid. I thought someone spied on me through my computer so I deleted all my bookmarks and formatted my harddrive. :frowning:

But if you search on google you might find something. I know I’ve been on Mental earth community. But that site is for all MI. It’s a huge forum.

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