Sometimes I feel like Charles Templeton. TW Religion


He was an evangelical Christian with Billy Graham.

After years and years, he lost his faith and the church basically threw him out.

I saw an interview with him once where he cried and said “I miss Jesus”.

I feel like that about my religion.

I had to give it all up to get my delusions and mental health under control,

But I miss the comfort it gave me about my lot in life and the possibility of an afterlife.

Does anybody understand or experienced something similar?


I used to be a Christian. I miss Jesus too

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I hear jesus often.
It’s a voice i have.
I’m not a christian though

I’ve reconciled my Sikhism with religion. I don’t pray all day though, just here and there.

I’m fine being slightly SZ and religious.

I haven’t lost my faith.
My faith helps me.
My sz gets better with faith.
Not worse.
But that’s my case

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I am christian still even though my belief system when I was ill had me on a huge religious trip to deliver the devil to fire lake…I am strong in my faith still…I am sorry you lost your faith.

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I do christian meditation with the soultime app. It helps me to stay calm and focused.

I felt like that when I became an atheist at 16. But as for the afterlife nobody knows what happens (i.e
If there is one or not). So I’ve learned to live with the uncertainty.

My religion helps me greatly…but I still get religious delusions. I still think it is worth it…because I know there is an afterlife, and people will get rewarded for their suffering. People still would get delusional, anyways even if they are not involved with a religion.

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I’m a Catholic Christian. I used to have a lot of ideas of reference regarding my religion. But they all went away with a little help from the members of

My religion helps me. It doesn’t harm me.

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Did this go away? Because I’m going through this exact same thing

if you are on psych meds, it should…are you on meds?

As I’m getting older I’m becoming more and more spiritual.

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I get really fundamentalist when I’m not medicated and I get weird and obsessed with it. But on meds, I’m more even headed with it and I’m still Christian


What you think doesn’t change the possibility of an afterlife despite what religions may say. Personally I have always rejected religion because they say you have to believe in order to have an afterlife. That kind of thing doesn’t go far with me, in fact I think its not a moral tactic to compel people to believe under duress. I think a true religion would strike someone as being so profound in its moral message and revealing of the true nature of reality that it wouldn’t require caveats that a person must believe. Ideas are either believable or they’re not. Ideas like evolution catch on without the author saying if you don’t believe this idea you are going to die!

I don’t think about religion all that much but I haven’t completely given up on it. Morals associated with religion can be a good thing too. I was a little more religious when I was younger though. Probably because I went to Sunday School and was taught it as a young child. I haven’t been to church in years though. (Although I did go to a Mosque while I was Psychotic, but that’s a different story).

When I was psychotic I went to the prayer room of the university I was going to which was mostly used by muslim students. They tried to convert me to Islam.

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yes i think i know exactly what you mean, I used to like believing in god and an afterlife where things are right. But now i hear voices that tell me im a demon and going to hell and now i dont want to believe anymore even though i cant stop believing. Now i dont want to believe in anything, but i have no choice. I feel im in to deep…

@anon54386108 the Missionary guys came today.

it’s complicated for me about Israel.

I was on a site Poets for Human Rights, before it was shut down,
and there were several people on there from Gaza, or formerly.


I’m not shy to speak out against the supposed Bible prophesy.

I lost all my beliefs after getting sick, to help me stay grounded in reality. Since getting to a better place where my beliefs are normal, however, I’ve allowed myself to start believing in a few things again. I was never a member of any major religion but I believed in mediums and the afterlife. I don’t view mediums the same way any more but I believe in the afterlife. I am a huge fan of Near Death Experiences where people see family members and so forth, and it gives me hope.

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