Loss of cult/religious practice after the disease

I was talking about that with @Sunlion in a thread that had a short life.
I was interested in the various theologies and religious texts but after the disease I wasn’t able to read/pray/meditate anymore because I was not able to control my mind and I was wandering if it happened to someone else too.
Please don’t turn this thread into a religious debate, I’m speaking about the effect of the disease in your ability to perform religious ‘practices’.


I never really practiced religion and only went to church cuz my dad made me. All the while doing that, he came up with all these ideas that basically boiled down to church being a scam.

Am i woke?

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i’m the opposite, i am stable and i embraced my religion and grew closer to God

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Did the disease make you harder for you to pray etc?

I lead a spiritual life even on meds…I had religious delusions when I was ill but that only brought me closer to God.

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I have been meditating twice, sometimes three times daily for 7 months now. I feel a little lost without it, but when my neighbours are making too much noise and have to miss out then the next day I feel even more refreshed after practising.

I wasn’t religious throughout my whole life, but over the last 5-10 years have studied a little Buddhism. I’ve always felt that certain religious practice can cause a whole plethora of problems for us szs, so tried to avoid it. I also felt that too much philosophy would do the same, so didn’t delve into it so much; I read the odd book or two on it, but left it at that.

I meditate in my isolation as something to do and make me feel alive, certainly after it.

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i dont pray like before bed or anything i just say things to myself and to God in my head, its not a voice is just myself talking to the spirit,

i cant pray that well tbh i havent got the confidence so i’m kind of a closet prayer person and thats the way it has been my whole life,

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This is a good thread Zeno. Good question. I like it.

After all my delusions and voices, well mainly one voice, I’ve taken a more spiritual approach to my mental well-being.

Take care.

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Nope. I’ve always been an atheist. Culturally, I’m Jewish and celebrate the important Jewish holidays in a secular manner. IE: celebrating Rosh Hashana as a means of soul cleansing and getting right with humanity

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My family was very religious growing up,

As a result, my delusions were always about God/Satan/Demons/Hell.

It took a lot of therapy and time to even be able to discuss the subject without having to do some OCD ritual.

Now, I don’t even pray, much less involve myself in any religious community.

I mean, I did loose pretty much all respect for the establishment through the course of my illness and partial recovery,

But that’s not why I’m not a part of it.

I just can’t take the risk. If I pray too much or start reading religious texts again, I’m afraid the delusions will come back and that terrifies me.



The religious delusions nearly took my life. No more religion for me.


I still believe (in god) but I ignore my belief as of now because it’s too soon since my religious delusions went away. Heck I might never go back to pretending to care.


I was going to become a minister. I’m not sure how much of that was delusional thinking.
I no longer consider myself religious, but I do consider myself spiritual.

Did you have difficulty praying from the negative symptoms and the disorganized thought?

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@zeno It has been so long ago. I’m not sure but I think disorganized thoughts were more of a problem for me then.
That was about 40 years ago

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Good topic. Like I said in the other thread, when I try to meditate theres a lot of trauma that bubbles to the surface, and I still don’t feel like it is private space because I’m still sure the voices are there listening even if I can’t hear them.

But it’s also more than that. I don’t feel that I am a reliable tool for spiritual discernment. So I question my beliefs or even the purpose of someone like me having beliefs. I still enjoy going to study groups, but its more just to pass the time and be around the comforting and familiar places.

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I have issues with organized religion and my MI but I try to be spiritual. Usually I pray/meditate BETTER when I’m well, it seems more coherent…when I’m sick I expect grandiose things from my Higher Power and pray/meditate with distraction present.

I have serious delusions about going to hell so i pretty much can’t stand God right now. To get over my fears i have been researching satanism and luciferianism. They actually got me interested in religion again. And i hate God even more. I am ordering the satanic bible soon as well as some other books. I think i may have finally found my religious calling in life but i still need to do a little more reading.

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I was very religious before sz…now i am not…psychosis has turned my life into living hell…

Be careful.

I mean, none of that stuff is dangerous,

But think about your health.

If you had religious delusions, in my opinion, you’ll always be prone to them.

Getting all that religious text in your brain is recipe for disaster, homie!

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