I need advice

During my psychosis, I turned to the Christian religion for answers. My delusions and voices started to become of the religion, mostly evil and blasphemous things about it. I started to become obsessed with burning in hell, and all the thoughts where fighting the delusions and evil thoughts with the bible. I’ve prayed try to fast did many things and it didn’t help. Today I sat down and determine the religion is not beneficial to my recovery. Should I just stop believing in Jesus and the bible if it will help me recover?

In a word, yes. Throw the fantasies out the window and sit down and figure out what you want out of life. One philosopher once said man’s ultimate goal is to be happy. Don’t let fantasy obscure what’s going on in the world. I used to be a Christian, but had an apostasy and that was the end of that nonsense. To be honest, I’m not sure I ever WAS a Christian because I couldn’t believe in the fantastic stories of a virgin birth and resurrection. Too far out there for me. Now I have an uncle pestering me to go back to church. My in-laws are also devout Evangelicals, and they think I’m going to burn in hell. Such a place doesn’t exist. Show me any evidence of heaven or hell, and maybe then we’ll talk. To say it is in a book that has been rewritten umpteen billion times is whimsical. I don’t believe everything I read on the internet, why are books an exception? Rant over. Take my advice: Ditch that ■■■■■■■■ and work on recovery. You will find much more solace in recovery than in religion. Real-world recovery is much more tangible and attainable than the writings of some silly book.

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Well, some kind of belief in God or a higher power is healthy and (from what I’ve read) beneficial to schizophrenics. It’s when you take it too far and start obsessing about it that it stops being good for you, as you are finding out. If you can find a middle ground between obsessing and atheism then it might still help you. Here’s a hint I learned from AA: don’t pray for specific things. Don’t pray for a car, or money, or a specific symptom to disappear. I’m an addict with 24 years clean.I believe in a higher power who keeps me clean and sober. My prayers are simple. I thank God for keeping me clean and sober another day and ask him for knowledge of his will for me and the power to carry that out. I don’t pray for money, or a better job, or an “A” on my next test. Good luck.


Yes. People have died because they believed Jesus would save them so they did nothing to help themselves.

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Certainly, just don’t forget god in the process.

If you really think that it will help you recover, then stop believing. I had an experience recently in confession (I’m Catholic), where I confessed my intrusive thoughts to the priest, and he said something to the effect that there are some ways in which those thoughts are not sins, because I couldn’t control them. He did give me a good Bible verse to memorize to try to fight against those thoughts. It is Psalm 51 verse 10, “Create in me a Pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” That has helped somewhat.

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I had delusions about being a half-demon half-angel. My mom was a nun for a while and schizophrenia and short tempers run on my paternal side. I ditched those beliefs and it made me feel better. The voices still told me about how I was part demon for a long time but i learned to ignore them. Ever played the game Devil May Cry? The main character is half demon half angel and his angel side is slightly stronger so he uses his demonic powers to slay demons.

I watching you guys having so much aggravation with all these voices. I could help you to send the voices away without medication. I would like to help for who ever needs. I started with a post a couple days ago, but it was removed. Probably they felt that somebody trying to advertise. I am not sure if contact information can be posted.

if a belief you have is a ’ positive ’ thing in your life, that is great.
but when that belief becomes the cure all , you might have a problem ?!
take care
p.s i practice ’ mindfulness ’ , this helps me.

Chris jack,

  1. Are you seeing a psychiatrist?
  2. Are you on antipsychotic medication?

Sorry, I don’t want to comment on whether or not you should give up your faith.

Everything is bad if it is too much. If you believe in god, don’t turn your back on him. But don’t get too into it destroying yourself in the process.

I don’t believe. Still I had a bible under my pillow, read the book of revelations and could walk on water when I was psychotic.

you as a human have your potency and right to see the world with your own eyes, so why Jesus or bible though they make world simple as bad and good( the simplest way of judgment) but as you know world is not so simple cause sth bad for someone is good for another one, take our medicine as an example, overdose is dangerous but insufficient dose is not effective or take side effects of drugs, we must reach to a balance between wanted effects and side effects of them, as a rule world is not so simple for someone to know all its ways like messengers of god claim, the whole humanity including messengers have a long way to know all of the ways of world if possible, knowing that is simple if you can see people around you.

@chrisjjack…I had the same delusions as you. Religious organisations will help you. Theyre basically like a bouy in choppy water. They could be your lifesaver.

I had all beliefs about the devil tormenting me, and I joined a religious organisation. They helped me get back on the path. And eventually I was able to get the praying done and the fasting, (fasting from food that is, I had to go without food for 40 days, I managed it. It was quite easy in fact. The Holy Spirit helps you. Anyway My point is keep the faith, try volunteering again, give the religious/Christian organisation another chance.

You will overcome, remember Christian organisations are like the buoy you need when youre in choppy waters. Give them another chance.

@chrisjjack…I must emphasise that I know you know about spirituality, from your experiences of schizophrenia. Don’t ignore this problem. For me, to overcome my illness, all it took was praying and meditating. It was not difficult. And why, because religion proved to be a buoy in choppy waters. They will help you.

What Im trying to say, is when I first heard that I had to pray and fast I was bowled over. It seemed real hard but when you eventually come round to doing it, it was not difficult at all.

Chrisjjack, we’re looking out for you on this site, we want you to get better. And you will.

The devil is extremely evil. Nobody can side with him. He will burn anyone, including his own dying mother on her deathbed. Nobody can trust the devil. Don’t ever let the devil tempt you. The devil tried to tempt me once, but you got to ignore this, reject it with your whole heart. And say you are loyal to God. God will help you if you show willingness to follow Gods path. Trust me, its not difficult.

God is Love, God will help you, but you need to show a willingness.

On Sunday I wanted to attend a local Presbyterian church because they serve pancakes and bacon before service starts. Was raised RC and thought I would burn in hell for attending a protestant church.

:church: VS :fork_and_knife:

Mmmmmmmmm bacon. A barn full of buns and a chopper out back.
Is that enough characters now?

I steer away from all things religious, some spirituality in my life is acceptable, but this needs to be montered by me carefully

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