Something to do

why does the government never make it simple for people like us :frowning:

i’ve been trying to find something to do without it affecting my benefits,

its so hard,

i just want to do something,

something that i am capable of.

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I’d say… Start a list here. As a thread…

First what do you LIKE to do?
Second… What skills do you have?

So I LIKE to Swim, surf, sculpt, plant things, play the guitar, read, (very partial list)

I have the ability to teach someone how to swim and surf. I can sort of explain the beginning of sculpting.

I can plant things and take care of other peoples plants or teach them how to take care of their plants.

I can’t play the guitar well enough to join a band or teach. I love to read and I work on having good grammar, so I have looked over and edited some short stories that my younger brother once tried to get published.

What’s your list of likes and skills and where might that list take you?

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i’ve looked all over the web at things to do and all i’ve found is something that would be brilliant if it wasnt so hard to do, it was like voluntary work only you get your expences paid like bills and food so it would be an extra £250+ a month but it would be a lot of work, it was an internship but i dont think i could do it.

about the likes and skills, i remember filling in a lot of stuff at college about my skills and i got a good mark for it, but i cant remember most of it now, it was mostly multiple choice type things tho.

Yeah working on grammar is difficult but makes you sound a lot smarter. My skills, is well I’ve been a sound engineer for 18 years. I like working on my own, my own boss. God gave me sound and handed it to me. Why it had to be sound/music I don’t know. I enjoy it a lot. I been learning to speak hindi, because where I am at many stores have Indian speaking individuals. I learned how to ask ‘what is your name’? And they would have the most unique sounding names. Coz’ you know that their real names is not Jay, or Al.

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daydreamer your from the uk right? im sick of schizophrenics being let down americans we dont get the help and support you guys seem to sad.

things over here are getting tougher, we have new rules and everything is changing, lots of places have shut down due to cut backs its really worrying for us, idk what i’m going to do if they take me off of benefits, i think i will be completely homeless and its not fair having these ATOS people hanging over us all the time, they are like horrible bullies :frowning: (those are the people who say whether you can get benefits or not now)

daydreamer have you had your pip assesment through yet im dreading the brown envelope :frowning: i had to move house due t the bedroom tax,and where i live the council all voted that everybody should pay council tax so i have to pay that too the councillor i was seeing who was helping me has been “cut” and i cant even make a doctors appoinment.

i havent yet but i am the same and so is @jaynebeal,

i had to move as well but it wasnt the bedroom tax that did it i just got made homeless by a landlord and was moved into temporary accommodation but i might have to go to a b&b in june and god knows where all my stuff is going to go,

the woman at the council said she will try and keep me in the flat so i am hoping for that, because of the area and housing available i need to wait at least another 1-2 years for a permanent place :frowning: ,

but i have always paid a part of my council tax which was about £30 each mth for 10 mths,

daydreamer contact your council and askt them for a desrepency council tax benefit form you fill it in and u might get money off that is a lot od council tax to pay. sorry i turned this thread to a negative.

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still looking :frowning:

i wish there were well paying jobs specifically for people with mental health problems

or something that i could do where i would save some money or something

I know your looking for a job, but is there something specific that your looking into? Are you looking at service work or a warehouse, or gardens maybe?