Something not right

I called the crisis line yesterday. I do not feel normal. Dad did not seem well and then that night yesterday I could feel my heart skipping a beat I had to take deep breaths every few seconds. I thought something dreadful was going to happen. Also got told to get off of social media I check it obsessively even if I don’t post. It’s beyond normal. I feel very restless at times. I don’t Know how I feel because it’s changing always. Not gotten completely depressed yet though but there’s no stability

Hey, mate. I’m sorry you are experiencing this. Have you felt this before?
I’ve felt things similar and find that they will pass. How long has this been going on? Hmmn, have you considered deleting your account? Is there something you are trying to find on fb.
I obsessively check my email occasionally. Somewhere around once every three minutes and nothing ever changes. I think it is because of pent up anxiety but can’t be sure. Do you have someone in your family or a therapist to speak with about this? I wish you luck! :slight_smile:

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I am beginning to see a pattern. Every time I am about to enter an episode I create an account. Every time it’s over I’ll delete the account. I deleted it yesterday I’m back on it again I can’t do it

Hmmm, not to randomly shrink you D: . But, is there something making you really anxious? My worst episodes where always after or before some stressful situation.

We all have illnesses unfortunately and sometimes symptoms are going to break through no matter how well we’re doing in life. The stress of your fathers illness and the stuff going on at work are combining to make you experience symptoms. It will probably pass.

When I moved six months ago my stress levels were through the roof. But my psychiatrist and a couple of other people assured me that it was normal to feel stressed at moving and it would go away in a couple of months. They were all right.

So I will say to you: a sick family member causes great stress so it’s normal that you feel that way. My advice is to suffer through it and don’t make any rash decisions while you are feeling bad. Maybe in a few weeks or a few months things will get back to normal and you will feel better.

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Sounds like a panic attack. I know things are rough right now, with your dad being sick and all. Maybe talking these things over with a therapist could help. You’ve been vacillating a lot lately…sounds like you’re not doing too well. Be sure to look out for yourself, especially in these tough times.


I just dread the thought of going into psychosis or if I already have. I don’t know if this is mania I don’t feel happy. I know it’s not depression. I don’t feel sad

I dread that too. We all do. Maybe you could do some surfing online and look up, “Signs of a relapse” or “preventing a relapse” and that might help.

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Some people with mood disorders will swing between “normal” and “agitated/uppity/keyed up.” It crossed my mind, but I didn’t want to say it - that you sound a little manic lately. And it may not be mania, it could be agitation from stress. Goodness knows that when I’m stressed I get agitated.

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Well I was supposed to see my GP Thursday think I might see her today and see if she can speed up my pdoc app

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Sounds like a good plan. :slight_smile: Hopefully he/she can provide some relief. Keep us posted as things develop.

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