I'm sorry I post too much

I can’t help it , it’s like my symptoms returning all over again.

That’s what you, us and this forum are all here for. To help and support each other. What are your symptoms today?

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to be honest with you, i constantly check social networking accounts its been like that for a good few weeks. i can’t help it. I hate this. also posting too much is my problem.

Did you feel like this before the med increase?

i felt like i was going down that road yes, and even before i took the meds for the first time ever six years ago, it was my symptom

It could be mania/hypomania then, or some form of agitation or OCD or even anxiety. If you can’t speak directly with your doctor, then maybe you can call the office and leave a message for him/her to get back with you when they are available.

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i saw a nurse mental health nurse this afternoon and i have to wait untill wenesday to see what the pdoc says.

As long as you were honest and open with them, you should be fine. Just hold on til then @Ish. Can you do some deep breathing techniques or coping mechanisms? Or could you talk calmly and confidently to yourself, saying that you’ll be fine and you’ll get through this? Just a few simple suggestions. I feel for you!

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its not as bad as i make it out to be i guess, i can’t imagine what my father is going through. i’m sorry.

No need to apologize for your mental well-being. You need support too. And we know you love your father.

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Sorry you are feeling bad @Ish - you are a good person and going through this psych stuff at the same time that your dad is ill must be real hard. You post as much as you want here. I for one always value your posts.

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We like your posts @Ish, we know you need our help.

You’re not the thread killer @Jimbob :smile:


Thank you that’s very kind of you


You don’t post too much, Ish.

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No such thing as posting too much. I mean i’ve only been here since Sunday, but I see the same people post a lot and I can’t say that it bothers anyone even the slightest.

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